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A collection of ZSH frameworks, plugins, tutorials & themes inspired by the various awesome list collections out there.

Table of Contents

Please read the Contributing Guidelines before contributing.


These frameworks make customizing your zsh setup easier.

alf4 3

Alf is an out of this world super fast and configurable framework for ZSH; it's modeled after Prezto and Antigen while utilizing Oh-My-Zsh under the covers; and offers standard defaults, aliases, functions, auto completion, automated updates and installable prompt themes and plugins.

ansible-role-zsh79 12

ansible-role-zsh is an ansible role with zero-knowledge installation. It uses antigen to manage bundles and oh-my-zsh. Can load bundles conditionally. By default it includes powerlevel9k theme, autosuggestions, syntax-highlighting and fzf-widgets. Fully customizable.

ant-zsh2 0

Ant-zsh is a tiny and lightweight ZSH configuration environment for special customization needs. It includes plugins, themes and a basic convenient setup.

antibody120 11

Antibody A faster and simpler antigen written in Golang. More details at

antigen-hs190 24

antigen-hs is a replacement for antigen optimized for a low overhead when starting up the shell. It will automatically clone plugins for you.

antigen4k 216

Antigen is a small set of functions that help you easily manage your shell (ZSH) plugins, called bundles. The concept is pretty much the same as bundles in a typical vim+pathogen setup. Antigen is to ZSH, what Vundle is to vim. Antigen can load oh-my-zsh themes and plugins and will automatically clone them for you.


Ax-ZSH is a modular configuration system for ZSH. It provides sane defaults and is extendable by plugins.

dotzsh33 8

Dotzsh strives to be platform and version independent. Some functionality may be lost when running under older versions of ZSH, but it should degrade cleanly and allow you to use the same setup on multiple machines of differing OSes without problems.

fresh841 99

fresh is a tool to source shell configuration (aliases, functions, etc) from others into your own configuration files. We also support files such as ackrc and gitconfig. Think of it as Bundler for your dot files.


oh-my-zsh is a community-driven framework for managing your ZSH configuration. Includes 120+ optional plugins (rails, git, macOS, hub, capistrano, brew, ant, macports, etc), over 120 themes to spice up your morning, and an auto-update tool that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates from the community.

prezto9k 5k

Prezto enriches the ZSH command line interface environment with sane defaults, aliases, functions, auto completion, and prompt themes.


Pumice is a lightweight plugin manager for ZSH.

Toasty1 1

Toasty is a ZSH framework made to facilitate management, not dictate it.

zeesh11 2

Zeesh is a cross-platform ZSH framework. It's similar to, but incompatible with, oh-my-zsh. It has a modular plugin architecture making it easy to extend. It has a rich set of defaults, but is designed to be as lightweight as possible.

zgen818 80

Zgen is a lightweight plugin manager for ZSH inspired by Antigen. The goal is to have a minimal overhead when starting up the shell because nobody likes waiting. The script generates a static init.zsh file which does nothing but source your plugins and append them to your fpath. The downside is that you have to refresh the init script manually with zgen reset whenever you update your .zshrc. Can load oh-my-zsh compatible plugins and themes, and will automagically clone them for you when you add them to your plugin list.

zilsh14 0

zilsh is a ZSH config system that aims to appeal more to power-users and follow the simplistic approach of vim-pathogen.

zim925 130

Zim is a ZSH configuration framework with blazing speed and modular extensions.


zit is a plugin manager for ZSH. It is minimal because it implements the bare minimum to be qualified as a plugin manager: it allows the user to install plugins from Git repositories (and Git repositories only, them why the name), source plugins and update them. It does not implement fancy functions like cleanup of removed plugins, automatic compilation of installed plugins, alias for oh-my-zsh/prezto/other ZSH frameworks, building binaries, PATH manipulation and others.

zoppo13 3

Zoppo is the crippled configuration framework for ZSH. As an Italian saying goes: "chi va con lo zoppo, impara a zoppicare", we realized we were walking with a cripple and are now going to become crippled ourselves.


Zpacker is a lightweight ZSH plugin & theme management framework.

zplug1k 91

🌺 Zplug is a next-generation ZSH plugin manager.

zplugin14 5

Zplugin is an innovative plugin manager with semigraphical UI, Turbo Mode and services support.

ZPM1 3

ZPM ( ZSH Plugin Manager ) is a plugin manager for ZSH similar to vim-plug. ZPM plugins are compatible with oh-my-zsh57k 16k . ZPM runs on Linux, Android, FreeBSD and macOS.

ZR10 1

ZR is a ZSH plugin manager written in Rust.

ztanesh172 40

Ztanesh aims to improve your UNIX command line experience and productivity with the the configuration provided by the ztanesh project: the tools will make your shell more powerful and easier to use.

zulu55 13

Zulu is a total environment manager for ZSH 5+


Generic ZSH



  • ZSH Gem 24 - Part of the 2011 ZSH Advent Calendar. Covers oh-my-zsh and zshuery.



  • zsh-quickstart-kit113 34 - A simple quickstart for using zsh with zgen. This includes a curated collection of plugins, and will automatically configure zsh to use zgen to load them, configures zgen to periodically automatically update itself, the plugins, and the quickstart kit itself.


  • 256color - Enhances the terminal environment with 256 colors. It looks at the chosen TERM environment variable and sees if there is respective ncurses' terminfo with 256 colors available. The result is a multicolor terminal, if available.
  • abbr-path - Adds functionality of the theme_title_use_abbreviated_path parameter from some oh-my-fish themes.
  • abbrev-alias3 2 - Provides functionality similar to Vim's abbreviation expansion.
  • accurev-zsh - ZSH plugin for accurev.
  • alias-tips182 22 - An oh-my-zsh plugin to help remembering those aliases you defined once.
  • allergen1 1 - A collection of custom zsh plugins to use with antigen.
  • almostontop33 4 - Clears previous command output every time before new command executed in shell. Inspired by alwaysontop plugin for bash.
  • ansible - A plugin for Ansible.
  • ansiweather1k 133 - Weather in your terminal, with ANSI colors and Unicode symbols.
  • antigen-git-rebase - Antigen/zsh script to aid with Git rebasing.
  • antigen-git-store - Antigen/zsh script to store Git's current working directory. For working with Git between two computers without forcing arbitrary commits.
  • anyframe109 21 - A peco/percol/fzf wrapper plugin for zsh.
  • apache2.plugin.zsh - Adds aliases and functions for managing Apache2.
  • asciidoctor - A plugin for AsciiDoctor.
  • async141 17 - Library for running asynchronous tasks in zsh without requiring any external tools.
  • atom-plugin - A plugin for Oh My Zsh that lets you launch a file or folder in Atom from iTerm2. It's based on the Sublime plugin. Only supports macOS.
  • atom_plugin.zsh - A plugin for the Atom editor on macOS.
  • auto-fu.zsh205 22 - Automatic complete-word and list-choices. Originally incr-0.2.zsh by y.fujii .
  • auto-ls2 1 - Automatically ls when cding to a new directory.
  • autoenv-extended - Extended version of the zsh-autoenv plugin.
  • autoenv234 17 - If a directory contains a .env file, it will automatically be executed when you cd into it.
  • autojump3k 179 - A cd command that learns - easily navigate directories from the command line. Install autojump-zsh for best results.
  • autopair53 4 - A ZSH plugin for auto-closing, deleting and skipping over matching delimiters.
  • autosuggestions3k 188 - Fish-like fast/unobtrusive autosuggestions for ZSH.
  • autoswitch-virtualenv38 6 - ZSH plugin to automatically switch python virtualenvs when traversing directories.
  • autoupdate-antigen.zshplugin2 0 - Antigen doesn't do automatic updates like oh-my-zsh. This plugin adds auto updating for antigen, both of antigen and the bundles loaded in your configuration.
  • autoupdate-oh-my-zsh-plugins - oh-my-zsh doesn't autoupdate non-core plugins, this adds plugin autoupdating to omz.
  • aws-upload-zsh - Boost your productivity with aws-upload.
  • aws-vault2 4 - Plugin for aws-vault777 57 .
  • basex - Adds several BaseX aliases for simplified usage.
  • bash - Makes ZSH more Bash compatible. It redefines the source command to act more like Bash does. It also enables Bash completions.
  • battery_state - Show battery state in right-prompt.
  • bd63 12 - Jump back to a specific directory, without doing cd ../../...
  • bitbucket-git-helpers8 2 - Adds helper scripts to allow you to create bitbucket PRs or open a directory in the current branch.
  • blackbox4k 209 - Stack Exchange's toolkit for storing keys/credentials securely in a git repository.
  • branch-manager - A plugin for managing git branches.
  • browse-commit - A plugin that lets you open any commit in your browser from the command line.
  • bumblebee - A plugin to toggle optirun in the command line.
  • calc.plugin.zsh22 2 - A calculator for zsh.
  • caniuse.plugin.zsh - Add Can I Use... support to ZSH.
  • carthage - Provides completions and aliases for use with Carthage21k 2k .
  • cd-gitroot6 0 - A zsh plugin to cd to the git repository root directory.
  • cd-reporoot - A zsh plugin to cd to the google-repo repository root directory.
  • cd-ssh - ssh to a server when you accidentally cd to it.
  • cdbk - A ZSH plugin to allow easy named directory creation - shortcuts to any directory you want.
  • cdr4 1 - Easy setup of cdr for zsh.
  • change-case - Plugin for fast swap between upper and lower case in your command line. 😎
  • clean-project - Remove files from projects (automatically by default). Useful for keeping .DS_Store and Thumbs.db files from cluttering your directories.
  • cmd-architect33 1 - Build commands from what's in history and at prompt, move, delete, add command segments and search history with multi-word queries.
  • colored-man-pages-mod - Forked from robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/plugins/colored-man-pages57k 16k . Colorizes man output.
  • colored-man-pages - Colorize man pages
  • colors (Tarrasch)4 3 - Makes it easier to colorize text from the CLI. red foo just works.
  • colors (zpm-zsh) - Colorize output of various programs.
  • command-not-found3 0 - mirror of the oh-my-zsh command-not-found plugin so you don't have to include all of omz.
  • command-time - Show execution time for long commands in zsh and powerlevel9k.
  • completion-generator11 4 - This plugin tries to read the list of options from the help text of programs and generate a completion function automatically. Note that this doesn't do it automatically, you have to explicitly call the generator to create a completion script.
  • copyzshell - A ZSH plugin to copy your shell configuration to another machine over ssh.
  • crash - Adds proper error handling, exceptions and try/catch for ZSH.
  • crayon-syntax-zsh - ZSH syntax highlighting for the Crayon Plugin for Wordpress.
  • crystal28 2 - A plugin for Crystal8k 918 .
  • czhttpd2 1 - A simple http server written in 99.9% pure zsh.
  • deer69 7 - A file navigator for zsh heavily inspired by ranger.
  • depot-tools - Simple oh-my-zsh plugin for installing the chromium depot_tools. Installing this plugin will put all of the chromium depot_tools in your path automatically.
  • diractions7 1 - Allow you to map a short logical/mnemonic name to directories to quickly access them, or perform actions in them.
  • dircolors-solarized24 10 - Solarized dircolors plugin.
  • dircycle - Cycle through the directory stack.
  • directory-history49 6 - A per directory history for ZSH.
  • dirstack - Plugin for displaying dirstack info on a single line.
  • docker-aliases Docker aliases for everyday use.
  • docker-compose23 2 Show docker container status in your prompt.
  • docker-fun - Adds docker convenience functions.
  • docker-helpers - A collection of docker helper scripts.
  • docker-machine - A docker-machine plugin for ZSH.
  • docker-run - Go back to running your commands "naturally", we'll handle the container.
  • dogesh - Dogification plugin.
  • dotpyvenv - If you have a .pyvenv virtualenv, will automagically switches to it.
  • dropbox9 2 - A dropbox plugin for Zsh that provides dropbox-cli and dropbox-uploader commands.
  • dune-quotes - Random Dune quote generator plugin.
  • dwim39 6 - zsh-dwim attempts to predict what you will want to do next. It provides a key binding (control-u) that will replace the current (or previous) command line with the command you will want to run next.
  • ec2ssh - List EC2 instances and ssh login to the instances easily.
  • editing-workbench17 1 - Adds sane, complex command line editing (e.g. incremental history word completion).
  • elixir-oh-my-zsh77 14 - Adds shortcuts for Elixir, IEX, Mix and Phoenix.
  • emoji-cli133 11 - 😱 Emoji completion on the command line.
  • emojis6 1 - Adds numerous ascii art emojis to your environment in convenient variables.
  • enhancd666 53 - A simple tool that provides enhanced cd command.
  • escape-backtick - Quickly insert escaped backticks when double-tapping "`".
  • exercism3 2 - A plugin for
  • expand-ealias - Expand specific aliases with space.
  • fast-syntax-highlighting106 4 - Optimized an improved zsh-users/zsh-syntax-highlighting – better response times, zed/vared can edit 10 kB functions.
  • favorite-directories - Fast jumps to your favorite directories.
  • firebase-zsh - Add an indicator in the prompt that you're in a directory with a firebase.json file (aka "firebase project").
  • fixnumpad-osx.plugin.zsh - Enables numpad keys of Apple keyboards to be recognized in ZSH.
  • flow-plugin - This plugin makes the flow command available inside every subdirectory of the TYPO3 Flow distribution.
  • functional40 4 - ZSH higher order functions.
  • fuzzy-search-and-edit13 3 - ZSH plugin for fuzzy searching files and instantly opening a matched file on matched line.
  • fzf-marks - Little script to create, navigate and delete bookmarks in Bash and Zsh, using the fuzzy finder fzf12k 621 .
  • fzf-mpd - A zsh plugin that allows you to control mpd using fzf12k 621 .
  • fzf-widgets14 2 - Adds some ZLE widgets for fzf12k 621 .
  • fzf-z28 8 - Brings together the z plugin and fzf to allow you to easily browse recently used directories at any point on the command line.
  • geeknote5 1 - Geeknote plugin for ZSH.
  • geometry-datetime - Geometry42 6 datetime plugin. Shows datetime (date unix command) in your prompt.
  • get-jquery - Plugin for fast downloading jQuery library from
  • ghost-zeus - Lets you use zeus with normal rails commands.
  • gimme - Manage Go installations with gimme.
  • git-add-remote2 4 - Easily add the upstream remote to your git fork.
  • git-aliases.zsh28 4 - Creates a lot of useful aliases for combinations of commonly used git commands.
  • git-extra-commands218 20 - Extra git helper scripts packaged as a plugin.
  • git-it-on.zsh43 8 - Adds ability to open a folder in your current branch on GitHub.
  • git-plugin - Adds some functions for git.
  • git-prompt-useremail - Adds prompt reminders for git
  • git-prune17 1 - Plugin that simplifies deleting merged branches.
  • git-secret590 40 - A bash-tool to store your private data inside a git repository.
  • git-smart-commands - Adds git commands to make some common git usages more efficient.
  • git-sync16 4 - A ZSH plugin to sync git repositories and clean them up.
  • gitfast - Updated fork of oh-my-zsh gitfast plugin.
  • gitignore.plugin.zsh18 1 - Plugin for creating .gitignore files.
  • gitio-zsh9 1 - A zsh plugin for generating a GitHub short URL using
  • gitsync - zsh plugin to improve workflows for one person developing on the same repository on multiple machines.
  • goenv3 2 - Antigen plugin to manage $GOPATH similarly to Python's virtualenvwrapper.
  • going_places - A plugin that helps to use, create and maintain a list of shell locations.
  • google-lucky - Simple plugin to search for last command in google's "I feel lucky"
  • gpg-agent - Plugin that tries to do the right thing when it comes to setting up the GPG agent to act as an SSH agent as well on macOS.
  • gpg-crypt - ZSH plugin to encrypt/decrypt files or directories in place.
  • grep2awk - ZLE widget to transform grep command into awk command.
  • grunt-plugin7 0 - Add autocompletion for grunt.
  • gtm-terminal-plugin - terminal plugin for git time metrics392 21 .
  • gvm (yerinle) - Provides autocompletion for gvm (Groovy enVironment Manager).
  • hacker-quotes10 2 - Outputs a hacker quote randomly when you open a terminal.
  • hadoop-plugin - Adds some convenience aliases for hadoop functions
  • hanami-zsh1 1 - zsh plugin for hanami projects
  • hints6 0 - Display glob and parameter flags and other non completable info right under your editing buffer.
  • hipchat3 1 - Send hipchat messages from the shell.
  • histdb - Stores your history in an SQLite database.
  • history-search-multi-word5 1 - syntax highlighted, multi-word history searcher for Zsh, bound to Ctrl-R, with advanced functions (e.g. bump of history entry to top of history).
  • history-substring-search610 74 - Needs to be loaded after zsh-syntax-highlighting, or they'll both break. You'll also need to bind keys to its functions, details are in the
  • history-sync14 2 - An Oh My Zsh plugin for GPG encrypted, Internet synchronized Zsh history using Git.
  • history34 4 - Extend history so that it can be queried by SQL.
  • hooks - Add missing hooks - for plugins and personal use.
  • host-switch - Make it easier to switch in different /etc/hosts files during development.
  • hub-ci-zsh-plugin - A simple plugin for adding hub ci-status to your zsh theme.
  • ing - ping, but shorter output.
  • interactive-cd28 1 - Fish-like interactive tab completion for cd.
  • iosctl - Quickly access App, Data, and Log of the running simulator.
  • iterm-tab-colors - Automatically changes iTerm tab color based on the current working directory
  • iterm-touchbar66 5 - Display iTerm2 feedback in the MacbookPro TouchBar (Current directory, git branch & status).
  • java-zsh-plugin - Adds a setjdk command so you can switch easily between different versions of the jdk.
  • jenkins-zsh - A jenkins plugin for ZSH, heavily inspired by the excellent jira plugin.
  • jhipster-oh-my-zsh-plugin12 9 - Adds commands for jHipster.
  • jira-plus - Create JIRAs from the command line.
  • jvm - Allows selection of JDK on macOS.
  • k279 14 - Directory listings for zsh with git features.
  • kill-node - zsh plugin for murdering node process families.
  • kitsunebook.plugin.zsh - KitsuneBook plugin for oh-my-zsh.
  • konsole-theme-changer - Toggle konsole theme from ZSH.
  • kube-ps1102 4 - ZSH plugin for kubectl that adds current context and namespace.
  • kubectl-zsh-plugin - ZSH plugin for managing kubectl.
  • kubernetes - Add kubernetes helper functions and aliases.
  • laradock-workspace - Provides an interface to Laradock's workspace.
  • laravel - Add shortcuts for Laravel 5, 5.1, 5.2 & 5.3.
  • lesaint-git - Replacement git plugin for Oh-My-Zsh-compatible frameworks.
  • lesaint-mvn - Maven plugins for Oh-My-Zsh.
  • linuxbrew - Zsh plugin for linuxbrew.
  • listbox - Listbox element for shell.
  • locate-sublime-projects-cli - Allows searching for Sublime Text projects and opens them in Sublime.
  • lumberjack - Lumberjack is a logging interface for shell scripts.
  • mac-packaging - A set of common functions used for enterprise Mac packaging with Munki.
  • macos-zsh-plugin - A zsh plugin for macOS.
  • mage2docker1 1 - Makes it easy to work with Docker and Magento 2. Speeds up and simplifies common commands like clean cache, setup upgrade, compile di and much more in Magento 2 on containers.
  • manydots-magic11 0 - A zle tweak for emulating ...'==../..' etc.
  • markjump - Allows you to mark directories so you can jump directly to them.
  • maven-plugin - A fork of the oh-my-zsh maven plugin.
  • mercurial - Extracted from oh-my-zsh so you can use it without oh-my-zsh.
  • mfunc - Allows you to define persistent functions on-the-fly, without the need to add them to your config files. These functions are permanently available until you delete them.
  • monorepo-plugin - ZSH plugin for monorepo management.
  • morpho5 1 - Terminal screen savers written in pure ZSH, and also screen saver framework.
  • msf - Metasploit handler plugin for starting handler easily.
  • mylocation4 2 - A plugin to show your current location based on your IP address.
  • mysql-colorize - Colors for mysql tables.
  • mysql.plugin.zsh - Adds some functions for dealing with mysql.
  • navigation-tools139 10 - Adds htop-like kill, directory bookmarks browser, multi-word incremental history searcher and more.
  • nice-exit-code - Maps exit status code to human readable string.
  • nix-shell - Plugin that lets you use ZSH as the default nix-shell shell.
  • node.plugin.zsh5 2 - Srijan Shetty's nodejs plugin for zsh with caching of nvm completions and autoloading of nvm if present.
  • nodenv.plugin.zsh - Auto-load nodenv and its completions into the shell.
  • nohup - Add nohup to the current command pressing Ctrl-H.
  • noreallyjustfuckingstopalready268 16 - macOS users know the pain of trying to figure out what command actually flushes the DNS cache on their version of macOS, and this plugin makes that annoyance go away.
  • notify204 47 - A plugin for the Z shell (on macOS and Linux) that posts desktop notifications when a command terminates with a non-zero exit status or when it took more than 30 seconds to complete, if the terminal application is in the background (or the command's terminal tab is inactive).
  • nvm-auto-use2 1 - calls nvm use automatically whenever you enter a directory that contains an .nvmrc file with a string telling nvm which node to use.
  • nvm-auto6 3 - Aims to alleviate needing to type nvm use as much as possible, especially if you often switch between versions of node.js and use .nvmrc files in your project to manage what version of node your project needs.
  • nvm275 18 - ZSH plugin for installing, updating and loading nvm.
  • open-create-projects - Open/Create projects in Jetbrains.
  • open-pr27 9 - A ZSH plugin to open pull requests from command line.
  • openshift-origin-zsh-plugin - Add a few shortcuts to common openshift origin (oc) actions.
  • opera-git-plugin - Git aliases.
  • operator - Clean and simple theme, works best with Menlo for Powerline.
  • opp.zsh265 20 - Vim's text-objects-ish for zsh.
  • opt-path - Automatically add ~/opt subpaths to your $PATH.
  • osx-dev-zsh-plugin - This plugin adds some commands for maintaining various server programs on my macOS install.
  • osx - Add some common macOS related aliases and functions.
  • paci - Plugin for archlinux package managers
  • pantheon-terminal-notify-zsh-plugin - Background notifications for long running commands. Supports Elementary OS Freya.
  • pctl - Toggle the environment variables for proxying.
  • peco-history11 3 - Search shell history with Peco when pressing ctrl+r.
  • percol - Interactively and incrementally search history/resume background jobs.
  • pg11 1 - Adds utility functions to work with PosgreSQL.
  • phpcs.plugin.zsh - Plugin for PHP code sniffer4k 1k .
  • phpunit.plugin.zsh1 1 - Plugin for PHPUnit.
  • pip-app11 2 - Makes it easy to install python applications into distinct virtualenvs so they don't conflict with any other python requirements on your system.
  • plugin-ibtool - Adds ibtool shortcuts to generate localized XIB files.
  • plugin-rails - ZSH plugin for Rails.
  • plugin-vscode3 3 - Plugin for Visual Studio Code, a text editor for macOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • plugin3 2 - Creates custom oh-my-zsh plugins from a boilerplate template. Very oh-my-zsh centric, the generated plugins will need editing to work with other frameworks.
  • pretty-time-zsh42 5 - Convert seconds to a human readable string: 165392 → 1d 21h 56m 32s.
  • project.plugin.zsh - Plugin for managing projects.
  • project - Create node/python/ruby project both locally and on github(private or public repository).
  • proxy-plugin - Aliases to manage proxy shell environment settings.
  • pyenv-lazy-load - Plugin for lazy-loading pyenv in ZSH.
  • pyenv-lazy - Lazy load pyenv. The initial `eval "$(pyenv init -)"`` is executed the first time pyenv is called.
  • quoter - Display a random quote when opening a new terminal session.
  • randeme - Chooses a random theme for each session. If you not like the chosen theme you can run randeme_rm to never show that theme again.
  • razer-status-code - change the colour of your Razer Mouse based on the status of the last executed command. Requires OpenRazer linux drivers.
  • rbenv - A faster fork of the rbenv plugin from oh-my-zsh.
  • redis - Will run redis-server pointing it to the redis.conf configuration file. This can be used with the zdharma/zredis plugin to share variables between shells.
  • reentry-hook2 3 - Plugin that re-enters working directory if it has been removed and re-created.
  • reminder9 4 - A plugin which displays reminders above every prompt.
  • revolver24 4 - A progress spinner for ZSH scripts.
  • ripz - Reminds you of your aliases, so you use them more. Depends on ripgrep7k 325 .
  • robo-zsh-plugin - A ZSH plugin for Robo.
  • rockz - Lua + LuaRocks virtual environment manager based upon VirtualZ.
  • ruby-switch - Switch ruby versions and manage the PATH variable at the same time.
  • rvm-zsh - Initiates RVM and adds rubygem binaries (like compass) accessible in the user's $PATH.
  • safe-paste7 1 - A safe-paste plugin. See Conrad Irwin's bracketed-paste blog post.
  • saneopt8 1 - Sane defaults for zsh options, in the spirit of vim-sensible.
  • schroot - Show current chroot name in your prompt.
  • select6 2 - Multi-term searched selection list with approximate matching and uniq mode.
  • send.zsh2 0 - Single command to git add, git commit, and git push for much faster git workflow.
  • sensei-git - Adds many git aliases and helper shell functions.
  • setenv - Runs a script when you change directories.
  • simple-agnoster - Powerline-inspired simple theme with git decorations.
  • simpleserver - Plugin to easily start python SimpleHTTPServer and SimpleHTTPSServer.
  • smart-cd - Runs ls and git status after chpwd.
  • snippets - Command line snippet expansion.
  • solarized-man - A modified version of oh-my-zsh's plugin colored-man-pages, optimized for solarized dark theme in terminal.
  • ssh-connect - A simple ssh manager.
  • startup-timer - Print the time it takes for the shell to start up.
  • statify3 1 - Plugin that does basic statistical analysis.
  • sterror.plugin.zsh2 1 - Interprets error messages from programs and displays a human readable error message when available.
  • sublime - Same as the official Sublime plugin for Oh My Zsh, but this opens files in the current Sublime window, if there is one already open.
  • sudo3 3 - The sudo plugin from oh-my-zsh, extracted to a standalone. Toggles sudo before the current/previous command by pressing ESC-ESC in emacs-mode or vi-command mode.
  • suffix-alias - Directly open files in the shell using ZSH's suffix aliases.
  • symfony.plugin.zsh - ZSH plugin for Symfony 2 and 3.
  • syntax-highlighting-filetypes29 7 - ZSH syntax highlighting with dircolors in realtime.
  • syntax-highlighting4k 321 - Add syntax highlighting to your ZSH. Make sure you load this before zsh-users/zsh-history-substring-search or they will both break.
  • sys-diver-zsh - A zsh plugin for directory change or editor startup with only key operations using widgits without typing command.
  • sysadmin-util237 29 - Steve Kemp's collection of tool scripts for sysadmins.
  • t32 - Plugin for the Lauterbach Trace32 toolset. It automatically registers fonts and sets all necessary environment variables to run the t32 toolset.
  • tailf - Adds tailf function with prefixed newlines instead of trailing newlines.
  • terminal-app - A plugin for integrating with the new El Capitan features.
  • terminal-workload-report - A plugin that calculates and displays how many commands have been run via terminal.
  • tipz4 1 - Displays your alias if you have an alias for the command you just ran (Similar to alias-tips182 22 ).
  • titles15 5 - Automatic window and tab titles for tmux and xterm-compatible terminals.
  • tmux-fork Standalone fork of the oh-my-zsh tmux plugin
  • tmux-rename - Rename tmux windows automatically.
  • tmux-simple - Simple plugin for using tmux with ZSH.
  • travis1 3 - Opens the Travis CI page for the current repo if one exists.
  • tsm - Adds a tmux Session Manager.
  • tumult39 4 - Adds tools for macOS.
  • ubuntualiases - Ubuntu 16 aliases.
  • up.zsh2 0 - Adds an up command to cd multiple levels up.
  • url-highlighter14 5 - A plugin for the zsh syntax highlighter that turns URLs green if they respond with a "good" status, and red otherwise. Useful for checking URL typos.
  • vanilli.sh1 2 - A lightweight start point of shell configuration.
  • velocity - Powerline-based theme elements for ZSH and tmux.
  • viexchange - Vi mode plugin for easily swapping text between two places in the buffer, like vim-exchange.
  • vim-mode17 4 - Shrikant Sharat's bindings for ZSH's vi mode so it behaves more vim-like.
  • vim-plugin4 2 - Allows you to do vim filename:123 to open a file with the cursor at a specific line.
  • vimman5 1 - View vim plugin manuals (help) like man in ZSH.
  • vimto - Improved zsh vim mode (bindkey -v) plugin.
  • virtualenv-mod - A modified virtualenv zsh plugin for oh-my-zsh.
  • virtualenv-prompt10 1 - A fork of the virtualenv plugin from upstream. It adds support for customizing the virtualenv prompt in oh-my-zsh themes.
  • virtualz2 2 - Python virtualenv manager inspired by Virtualfish, replaces virtualenvwrapper.
  • virtuozzo-plugin - An oh-my-zsh plugin for the virtuozzo bare-metal virtualization system.
  • vox - An oh-my-zsh plugin to control VOX, a lightweight full-featured audio player for macOS that can play a variety of formats including FLAC and Ogg Vorbis.
  • vsc - Plugin for Visual Studio Code on MacOS.
  • vscode - Plugin for Visual Studio Code.
  • wakatime-zsh-plugin - Track how much time you have spent in your terminal. Has per project stats.
  • wakatime30 12 - Automatic time tracking for commands in ZSH using wakatime.
  • warhol13 6 - Configures colorization with grc721 107 .
  • watson.zsh1 1 - A plugin for the watson808 57 time management system.
  • wd189 31 - Warp directory lets you jump to custom directories in zsh, without using cd. Why? Because cd seems inefficient when the folder is frequently visited or has a long path.
  • yadm - Displays a warning if there are local yadm configuration changes.
  • yeoman-zsh-plugin21 7 - Edouard Lopez's Yeoman plugin for oh-my-zsh, compatible with yeoman version ≥1.0 (includes options and command auto-completion).
  • you-should-use103 4 - ZSH plugin that reminds you to use those aliases you defined.
  • youtube-dl - Simple plugin for youtube-dl
  • zaw392 68 - ZSH anything.el-like widget.
  • zce6 0 - Vim’s EasyMotion / Emacs’s ace-jump-mode for ZSH.
  • zconvey - Adds ability to send commands to other Zsh sessions, you can use this to cd $PWD on all active Zshells, for example.
  • zedzsh - A simple wrapper for z7k 708 to install as zsh plugin.
  • zero7 4 - Zero is both a plugin and a theme. See the github page for installation details.
  • zgdbm - Adds GDBM as a plugin.
  • zgen-compinit-tweak - Make compinit run only once after all loading is done by zgen.
  • zinfo_line - Makes more information available to ZSH themes.
  • zredis - Adds Redis database support, with database_key <-> shell_variable binding. Supports all data types.
  • zshmarks50 11 - A port of Bashmarks (by Todd Werth), a simple command line bookmarking plugin, for oh-my-zsh.
  • zsnapshot5 2 - Adds command to dump the current ZSH state into a file, for later restoration by sourcing the snapshot file.
  • Ztrace5 3 - Catches output of commands, allows to reuse that output, glue it with history content.
  • ZUI - ZSH User Interface library – CGI+DHTML-like rapid TUI application development with ZSH.

Even more completions

These plugins add tab completion without adding extra functions or aliases.


If you're using Antigen4k 216 , you can test these themes in a running ZSH with antigen theme githubuser/repo. If you're using zgen818 80 , add them to your init.zsh with zgen load githubuser/reponame.

  • aaron-zsh-theme3 3 - Based on the Sorin theme.
  • absolute - Very clean looking theme with git status, node version and the exit code from the last command.
  • abyss - A dark theme that includes git status information.
  • adlee - macOS theme, requires Powerline font.
  • af-magic-mod - af-magic-mod theme. Install with antigen theme desyncr/zshrc themes/af-magic-mod.
  • aflah-bhari - Modified version of the robbyrussel theme in oh-my-zsh.
  • agkozak - Uses two asynchronous methods to keep the ZSH prompt swift while displaying color, ASCII-only indicators of Git branch and changes, SSH connection or lack thereof, exit codes, and vi mode status, along with a customizable, abbreviated, PROMPT_DIRTRIM-style path.
  • agnoster-fcamblor2 0 - Solarized Agnoster variant with git information. Requires a unicode font.
  • agnoster-mod - Agnoster variant with a right-prompt.
  • agnoster-plus - Agnoster variant optimized for use with Solarized Dark terminal color scheme. Includes git status.
  • agnoster-refresh - Agnoster variant, includes battery and online status.
  • agnosterAfro4 1 - Based on Powerline2k 340 and Agnoster Theme and inspired by the agnosterzak92 29 .
  • agnosterzak92 29 - Based on Agnoster, shows battery life, date & time, git status, current directory and user & host information.
  • alien-minimal9 4 - Minimalist ZSH theme with git status displayed.
  • alien8 5 - Powerline-esque ZSH theme that shows git branch and the exit code of the last command.
  • alpharized - Optimized to work with solarized dark. It's a modified version of the avit theme57k 16k .
  • angry fly - Shows git information in right hand prompt.
  • aphrodite - Minimalistic theme without visual noise. Displays only the necessary information: current user, hostname, working directory, git branch if exists. Looks great both with dark and white terminals.
  • aplos - Minimal ZSH prompt with working directory, Git local info, Git remote info, time and exit code.
  • asciigit - An ASCII-only theme for git users who don't want to use fonts with extra glyphs.
  • astro - Based on ys theme and robbyrushell (default theme) theme.
  • aterminal - Displays Nodejs, NPM, Docker, Go, Python, Elixir and Ruby information in the prompt.
  • avit-d2k8 2 - Based on Avit, with small changes.
  • avit-mod - Modified version of oh-my-zsh's avit57k 16k theme.
  • bandit - Another Powerline variant.
  • bashi - Optimized for Ahmet Sülek's Flat UI Terminal Theme271 33 and Pasquale D'Silva's Saturn Terminal Theme45 4 .
  • beer - Inspired by cloud57k 16k , but with beer icons.
  • bender - Fancy two-line prompt with git integration.
  • bgnoster - Agnoster variant with unicode symbols baked in.
  • bilibili - BiliBili Theme
  • birame - Based on bira57k 16k .
  • bklyn - Variant of Powerlevel9k3k 329 with customizations applied.
  • blinks-xfan - Based on the existing theme blinks.
  • blokkzh - Theme based on oh-my-zsh's built in gnzh57k 16k theme. Requires a font with unicode support.
  • blox-zsh-theme13 4 - A minimal and fast ZSH theme that shows you what you need. It consists of blocks: each block is shown inside a pair of [square brackets], and you can add blocks by simply creating a function.
  • bluehigh - Minimal theme, displays git information.
  • bluelines - Clear and blue theme.
  • boom - Multiline theme, best on dark backgrounds.
  • bronze - A cross-shell customizable powerline-like prompt with icons written in go. Requires nerd-fonts5k 291 .
  • brunty - Brunty theme.
  • bttf-color-zsh - BTTF color theme.
  • bullet-train1k 234 - Inspired by the Powerline Vim plugin. It aims for simplicity, showing information only when it's relevant.
  • bunnyruni - Simple, clean, and beautiful theme.
  • bureau - A clear and informative two-lined prompt. Includes git status optimized for large repositories.
  • candy-light - Light version of the candy theme.
  • charged - A ZSH prompt optimized for the solarized dark terminal theme.
  • chi2 1 - A ZSH theme optimized for iTerm users on macOS.
  • ciacho1 1 - Based on Agnoster.
  • cinnabar - Shows timestamp, large line breaks, git branch and status.
  • clarity - Designed for for simpleness and extensibility.
  • classyTouch - Minimal, clean theme with git support.
  • clean - Minimalist ZSH theme.
  • cloudy22 1 - Minimal cloudy ZSH theme.
  • cmder - A ZSH theme that matches the theme of Cmder, a popular terminal emulator for windows.
  • cobalt236 3 - Wes Bos' Cobalt 2 theme for ZSH and iTerm 2.
  • cobalt2git - Cobalt 2 theme with git extensions.
  • codemachine - Codemachine theme.
  • cordial10 7 - Clean and effective zsh theme with git and npm support.
  • cute-theme - An macOS oh-my-zsh shell theme with Cute emoji based on the Powerline Vim plugin.
  • czsh - ZSH with oh-my-zsh57k 16k and the agnoster theme347 136 in a container.
  • darkblood-modular - This version of the popular darkblood10 6 theme has been enhanced with a near complete rewrite enabling modularity and a few new features.
  • darksoku - Darksoku theme is based on the ys and astro themes.
  • delta - Another minimal theme with embedded git status.
  • delta-prompt2 1 - A minimal ZSH prompt.
  • dexter - A theme with an emphasis on the right side (hence the name) of the terminal.
  • dissonance - Comes with custom LSCOLORS and LS_COLORS settings files, works with both dark and light terminal themes.
  • dmx - Optimized for dark terminal windows.
  • dp - Low contrast theme that shows current git branch, if the repository is dirty and the value of $PYENV_VERSION.
  • dracula14 9 - A dark theme for Atom, Alfred, Chrome DevTools, iTerm, Sublime Text, Textmate,, Vim, Xcode, ZSH.
  • dragon3 1 - Minimalistic, includes git status information.
  • dustmod - Derived from the dst57k 16k theme in oh-my-zsh
  • eggshausted - A git theme for people who are tired of getting errors.
  • endless-dog - OMZ theme that mimics grml-zsh-config.
  • enkel - A simple and minimalistic theme for ZSH and the Solarised colour scheme featuring Git support and a few other semi-useful features such as displaying exit codes, the current system time, whether or not you have write permissions to the current directory, etc.
  • enormous - Takes up an enormous amount of space in the terminal.
  • excess - Simple ZSH color theme.
  • fattyarrow - Minimal ZSH prompt that works better on dark backgrounds.
  • feder - Clean, simple, compatible and meaningful. Tested on Linux, Unix and Windows under ANSI colors.
  • filthy9 3 - A disgustingly clean ZSH prompt.
  • fishy-lite - Fork of the original fishy57k 16k theme in oh-my-zsh with much of the extraneous stuff cut out to improve load speeds. Includes a battery gauge and git display that can be enabled on the right-hand side of the prompt.
  • fishy - ZSH theme inspired by original fishy57k 16k
  • fortuity - Includes status of last command, git information and current directory.
  • friendly-fiesta - Fork of terminal-party theme.
  • frisk-arrow - A theme based on the frisk57k 16k oh-my-zsh-theme.
  • frisk-red - Red version of the frisk theme from oh-my-zsh.
  • frlo - Uses your computer's hostname to come up with a (hopefully) unique three-color theme to display in your prompt, so you know at a glance which machine you're logged into.
  • furio2 3 - Fork of the Cloud oh-my-zsh theme. with different colors and emojis.
  • garrett91 20 - Prezto prompt with the information you need the moment you need it.
  • gawaine - Nicola Racco's theme. Requires rvm & git plugins.
  • geometry42 6 - A minimal ZSH theme based on Avit and Pure that displays a lot of git information and is composable and customizable.
  • geometryHostInfo Adds host info to the geometry187 70 theme.
  • girazz - A modification to the gnzh theme which adds VI mode to the right prompt.
  • git-prompt1k 264 - Displays information about the current git repository. In particular the branch name, difference with remote branch, number of files staged, changed, etc.
  • gitsome26 2 - Super simple prompt with git info, optimized for the Flat Terminal271 33 color scheme.
  • gitster - When in a git repo, it shows the location from the git's root folder. When not in a git repo, it shows the path relative to home, ~.
  • glimmer - Includes git branch, time and user@host.
  • guri - A Simple and fast Oh-My-Zsh theme, based on Pure4k 558 's design.
  • hackersaurus7 1 - A theme with git status and exit code of last command run embedded in the prompt. Related to powerlevel9k3k 329 .
  • hanpen - Shows git branch and status, last command exit code, last command execution time if more than ZSH_THEME_HANPEN_CMD_MAX_EXEC_TIME
  • haribo4 2 - Simple git status + timestamp in prompt.
  • heart-theme - Heart themed prompt for light backgrounds.
  • hedgehog - Simple, no-nonsense and clean, with support for git and return codes.
  • helb - Loosely based on Gentoo's old bash theme. Includes git information, return value of last command, and uses different username color and prompt char for users ($) and root (#).
  • himself - Optimized for people using git, solarized and unicode-compatible fonts.
  • honukai-iterm-zsh - Honukai theme and colors for oh-my-zsh and iTerm.
  • horizontal - Two line prompt with a horizontal separator.
  • horse-sh - A very minimal brown/red ZSH theme.
  • hub - Simple and clean, includes the return code of the last command executed.
  • hyperzsh183 18 - Gives you a comprehensive overview of the branch you're working on and the status of your repository without cluttering your terminal.
  • iggy - A super happy awesome Powerline-style, Git-aware prezto only theme.
  • igorsilva2 2 - Shows current directory, customizable delimiter, current branch, git status.
  • imp - Based on zork4k 1k and optimized for dock backgrounds.
  • infoline - Clean theme that shows git status, background jobs, remote host, and other information.
  • intheloop-powerline - An extension of the intheloop theme to use powerline fonts.
  • itg33 5 - itsthatguy's theme.
  • jcl-zsh-theme3 3 - Loosely based on the ys theme.
  • jose - Inspired by beer-theme, includes git status.
  • judgedim - Minimalist prompt.
  • karu - Minimalist single line ZSH prompt.
  • keloran - Theme that includes a few features from other themes
  • kimwz2 3 - Minimal theme.
  • kinda-fishy-theme - Based on Fishy theme, but shows full paths instead of abbreviated directories and only shows user@machine in ssh sessions and docker containers
  • kketcham - Theme with nifty colors on the git info.
  • klendathu - Uses Powerline iconsolas.
  • kw - Colorful theme with git and hg status information, ability to add host-specific colors to hostname.
  • lagune - a minimal ZSH theme.
  • lambda-gitster - Minimalist prompt that includes git information.
  • lambda-pure - A minimal ZSH theme, based on Pure, with added NodeJS version.
  • lambda263 68 - A ZSH theme optimized for git users who use unicode-compatible fonts and terminal applications.
  • lambdav - A combination of the Lambda and Fishy themes.
  • lazyprodigy - Optimized for dark terminals, has variants for local and remote systems.
  • leafia - Leafy prezto theme that shows git information.
  • lime - Simple standalone ZSH theme.
  • linuxer - Inspired by Yaris Alex Gutierrez's classyTouch, Yad Smood's ys, and Bureau theme.
  • liquidprompt3k 395 - A full-featured & carefully designed adaptive prompt for Bash & ZSH.
  • llama - Minimalist theme used by discerning llamas.
  • lone-star - Texas-themed theme based on Sindre Sorhus' pure theme.
  • magico - IOsonoTAN's magico theme.
  • materialshell373 63 - A material design theme for your shell with a good contrast and color pops at the important parts. Designed to be easy on the eyes.
  • mau - A ZSH theme with a cat twist.
  • maxulysse/myzsh - Maxime Garcia's myzsh theme.
  • megaprompt - A maximalist prompt including keyboard mode, ownership info, and other contextual info, with λ as the prompt character. Requires the hooks plugin.
  • milight - Minimal ZSH prompt with git status, works best with dark terminal backgrounds.
  • min8 2 - A minimalistic ZSH prompt.
  • mindful-space2 0 - ZSH theme with space in mind.
  • minimal2 - A minimal and extensible zsh theme. Forked from subnixr's original55 13 and adapted for Zimfw27 6 .
  • minimal55 13 - Minimal yet feature-rich theme.
  • minimalx - Inspired by kolo theme from oh-my-zsh.
  • misa - Misalabs' ZSH theme.
  • mixed - Optimized for Dark Background.
  • molokai-powerline-zsh - Based on agnoster.
  • moonline3 1 - Minimal but easily extensible prompt.
  • multi-shell-repo-prompt7 5 - Provides useful information (in your prompt) about the repository that you are in. It currently works for Git and Mercurial, under ZSH as well as bash.
  • muslim - A simple minimal ZSH prompt theme.
  • nanofish2 1 - Adds fish-style directory prompt to nanotech theme.
  • neat - Minimalistic prompt inspired by odin32 4 and pure4k 558 .
  • nextbike - A very basic theme which just features an macOS bike icon.
  • ningxia - Based on af-magic.
  • nknu - A simple OMZ theme.
  • nmaxcom - Minimalist ZSH theme with git decorations.
  • node-theme25 6 - OMZ's node theme, broken out to make it easier to use with other plugin managers.
  • nodeys20 5 - Based on ys theme, with added NodeJS version (from NVM plugin).
  • noon - Has light and dark variants, shows git information.
  • nothing - Lightning fast and really simple because it has almost nothing in it.
  • nox - Dark theme, displays the current working directory and git status.
  • nt9 - Clean, distraction free and git focused development theme. Shows path relative to git root (or ~ when outside git repo), time since last commit, current SHA, branch and branch state.
  • nuko - A theme for oh-my-zsh, inspired by zeta-zsh-theme.
  • nuqlezsh - Simple theme for prezto and oh-my-zsh.
  • odin33 15 - Odin is a git-flavored ZSH theme.
  • oh-my-git3k 269 - An opinionated prompt for bash and ZSH.
  • oh-my-via5 2 - Theme for ZSH which mainly forks the historical theme used on VIA servers.
  • orobbl5 1 - Shows the git/svn status including the time since last commit and rvm status in prompt.
  • oxide - A Minimalistic and Dark Zsh theme.
  • ozono4 1 🌏 OZ0NO - Let's Breathe a clean ZSH.
  • pad2 1 - A concise and colorful oh-my-zsh theme.
  • pastel2 1 - A ZSH theme inspired by sugar-free1 2
  • phi φ - A clean and simple theme for ZSH inspired and forked from Lambda (Mod) ZSH Theme263 68 .
  • pieni - Minimalist single line ZSH prompt theme.
  • plain - A plain and simple theme for ZSH which shows basic git information.
  • planet - A slimmed down version of steef57k 16k from oh-my-zsh57k 16k .
  • platypus - Platypus is a simple and convenient theme for oh-my-zsh used by Frédéric de Villamil.
  • poncho - RDM's basic oh-my-zsh custom theme.
  • poor-programmer - Programmer's theme with git status, ruby version and project path.
  • powerless7 1 - Tiny & simple pure ZSH prompt inspired by powerline.
  • powerlevel9k3k 329 - A very flexible theme based on the well-known agnoster-theme with support for various VCS, AWS, rbenv, virtualenv, etc. Works with vanilla ZSH as well as the various ZSH frameworks.
  • powerline-cute - Based on bullet-train1k 234 .
  • powerline-go526 36 - A beautiful and useful low-latency prompt, written in go.
  • powerline-pills - A powerline theme based on pills, created in Ruby.
  • powerline-shell58 12 - A powerline2k 340 -like prompt for Bash, ZSH and Fish. Shows important details about git/svn/hg/fossil branch and is easy to customize/extend.
  • powerline-train - A powerline variant
  • powerline - A git aware powerline theme.
  • powerzeesh - A Powerline based ZSH theme. It aims for simplicity, showing information only when it's relevant, optimized for speed and look. Inspired by Agnoster347 136 and Powerline445 115
  • pre-theme33 7 - A collection of themes for Sublime Text, Terminal, iTerm2 and ZSH.
  • predawn-shell18 3 - Theme for dark terminal themes.
  • prezto-cloud-prompt - Prezto port of oh-my-zsh's cloud prompt.
  • prezto-lambda - Lambda theme (for prezto).
  • prezto_powerline37 14 - Powerline for prezto. Shows git information, RVM version.
  • punctual18 7 - Easily customizable, influenced by spaceship2k 264 .
  • pure4k 558 - Pretty, minimal and fast ZSH prompt.
  • purity - Inspired by robbyrussell theme + pure prompt.
  • racotecnic2 0 - Based on af-magic and posh-git.
  • radium1 1 - Designed for dark terminals, (works best with Solarized iTerm2 theme) (prezto).
  • rafiki34 8 - Adds emojis to your zsh terminal.
  • raincoat - A simple omz-compatible theme with a corresponding iTerm2 color scheme.
  • random-emoji - Random emoji.
  • refined - A ZSH theme focused on simpleness and usefulness.
  • remiii4 0 - Based on agnoster, optimized for solarized terminal themes.
  • remolueoend - Prezto ZSH theme based on Sorin, using emojis for tracking GIT context.
  • rummik/zsh-theme - @rummik's theme.
  • rzh - Theme with git states indicated by emojis.
  • schminitz - Shows if Vim is running in the background when using :sh command.
  • seeker45 20 - This theme uses many special unicode characters to be fancy, but it may cause some problems without well supported fonts.
  • seltzer - Inspired by dieter theme, uses color-coding to provide information.
  • senpai - Clean prompt theme for Devops. Includes git information, kubernetes context, AWS profile, GCP project and Azure active cloud.
  • sepshell - Clean and minimal ZSH theme based on the old lost taybalt theme, with git bisecting/merging/rebasing modes and configurable prompt symbols.
  • sfz - An evolution of lean prompt which itself is a rewrite of pure.
  • shellder154 31 - Minimal theme with git branch display. Requires a powerline font.
  • simplezsh - Minimal theme with git info display.
  • sinon - k-kinzal's sinon theme.
  • sk9-zsh - Skeiter9's ZSH theme.
  • skeletor-syntax29 3 - Theme collection for Atom, Prism and ZSH inspired by Skeletor from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.
  • sleeplessmind - ZSH theme inspired by gitster and odin33 15
  • slimline18 8 - Minimal, fast and elegant ZSH prompt. Displays the right information at the right time.
  • smiley2 0 - A prompt with happy and sad faces.
  • sobole - A minimalistic ZSH theme inspired by the old-fashioned hobbies. No verbose gimmicks, no emoji, no fidget spinners, and no other visual noise.
  • solarized-powerline4 1 - Solarized powerline-style theme for ZSH.
  • solarizsh - Color fix for robbyrussell's oh-my-zsh theme to work with Solarized.
  • spaceship2k 264 - A ZSH theme with git, nvm, rvm/rbenv/chruby, python, ssh and other useful indicators.
  • spowerline - Written in scala, inspired by agnoster, tmux powerline, vim powerline and the vim status plugin.
  • staples - based on bureau, displays user@host if connected through SSH.
  • starboy - A simple ZSH theme
  • statusline - A responsive ZSH theme that provides informational segments when you need them.
  • steef2 1 - ZSH steeef theme as a standalone repository. The purpose behind this repo is avoid having a dependency on oh-my-zsh when using the steeef theme. ZSH plugin managers such as Antibody can use the theme without having to use oh-my-zsh.
  • sugar-free1 2 - Based on the Pure4k 558 and Candy10 6 themes.
  • tabaf - Minimal ZSH theme optimized for dark backgrounds.
  • tahuri - ZSH theme for Arch Linux.
  • termuxer - Theme inspired by agnoster and linuxer.
  • the-time-lord - A theme based on gallifrey.
  • theme-line - Colorful theme with Git status.
  • theraveler - Based on theunraveler.
  • topan - Includes git information; best on dark backgrounds.
  • tq - Displays git status, time, requires a Powerline font.
  • trajan - A dark theme for ZSH.
  • trinity - A simple theme based on geometry187 70 .
  • tvline2 1 - Derived from agnoster's theme, adds powerline font enhancements.
  • ultimate4 1 - Minimalist theme with git indicator, vim mode indicator and shortened path.
  • vanan - Minimalist theme with git information for dark terminals.
  • vinhnx6 0 - Modified from themes/mgutz.zsh-theme.Looks great when using with Solarized color scheme.
  • vira - An update of the bira theme that shows the vim bindkey -v status.
  • wade - Mashup of the popular ZSH themes 'Agnoster' and 'Fishy57k 16k ', with some visual tweaks.
  • wang-iterm-zsh - Based on the 0532 theme.
  • webicons - Includes git status, node and yarn versions in prompt.
  • wild-cherry312 48 - A fairy-tale inspired theme for ZSH, iTerm, Sublime, Atom, & Mou.
  • work-line8 2 - Theme with nice emojis.
  • xremix - An oh-my-zsh shell theme based on the Jreese theme plugin.
  • xxf - Shows Current commit shorten hash and message.
  • yairshefi - Minimal theme with line separated prompts. Based on Robby Russell's theme57k 16k
  • ykmam - Modified from ys theme. Optimized for a dark background.
  • ys - Clean, simple, compatible and meaningful theme meant for dark backgrounds.
  • ysm - Simple ZSH theme with git status information.
  • yuki - A dark optimized ZSH theme.
  • z4rr3t - Based on sindresorhus' pure theme.
  • zemm-blinks5 2 - Customized version of oh-my-zsh blinks with mercurial support and other changes.
  • zero7 4 - Zero's theme & plugin.
  • zeta - Shows username, git information, machine name, current working directory.
  • zsh-blackrain - Another git-aware theme.
  • zsh-megaprompt - A maximalist prompt including keyboard mode, ownership info, and other contextual info, with λ as the prompt character. Requires the hooks plugin.
  • zsh-prompt-powerline37 10 - A fairly heavyweight ZSH prompt, based on the powerline font from the popular eponymous vim plugin, which works well for a dark background.
  • zsh-theme-nerdish - A prompt theme for ZSH with Nerd Fonts.
  • zsh20009 2 - Powerline looking ZSH theme with rvm prompt, git status and branch, current time, user, hostname, pwd, exit status, root and background job status.
  • zshcomrade3 0 - A ZSH theme, comrade!
  • zwsh - A Zpm3/Wordstar mode/theme for ZSH.


Some of the themes listed here require Powerline-compatible fonts, here are a few:

  • Awesome Terminal Fonts965 131 - A family of fonts that includes some nice monospaced Icons.
  • Fantasque Awesome Font - A nice monospaced font, patched with Font-Awesome, Octoicons and Powerline-Glyphs.
  • Fantasque-sans3k 115 - Another powerline font.
  • Hack - Another Powerline-compatible font designed specifically for source code.
  • Input Mono - A family of fonts designed specifically for code. It offers both monospaced and proportional fonts and includes powerline glyphs.
  • Monoid - Monoid is customizable and optimized for coding with bitmap-like sharpness at 15px line-height even on low res displays.
  • nerd fonts5k 291 - Collection of over 20 patched fonts (over 2,000 variations) & FontForge font patcher python script for Powerline, Font Awesome, Octicons, Devicons, and Vim Devicons. Includes: Droid Sans, Meslo, Source Code, AnonymousPro, Hack, ProFont, Inconsolata, and many more.
  • Powerline patched font collection9k 2k - A collection of a dozen or so fonts patched to include powerline gylphs.
  • Terminus - TTF version of Terminus that includes powerline glyphs.


Antigen4k 216

Most of these plugins can be installed by adding antigen bundle githubuser/reponame to your .zshrc file. Antigen will handle cloning the plugin for you automatically the next time you start zsh. You can also add the plugin to a running ZSH with antigen bundle githubuser/reponame for testing before adding it to your .zshrc.

dotzsh33 8

  1. Clone new plugins into .zsh.local/modules
  2. Load the plugin module in .zshrc
  3. Open a new ZSH terminal window or tab


  1. cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins
  2. git clone repo
  3. Add the repo to your plugin list

Prezto9k 5k

  1. Clone the plugin into your prezto modules directory
  2. Add the plugin to your .zpreztorc file
  3. Open a new terminal window or tab

Zgen818 80

Most of these plugins can be installed by adding zgen load githubuser/reponame to your .zshrc file in the same function you're doing your other zgen load calls in. Zgen will automatically clone the repositories for you when you do a zgen save.

zplug1k 91

Most of these plugins can be installed by adding zplug "githubuser/reponame" to your .zshrc file.

Writing New Plugins

I've documented some recommendations for writing a new plugin here.

Other Resources

ZSH Tools

  • zshdb116 9 - A ZSH debugger
  • zunit24 2 - A powerful unit testing framework for ZSH

Other Useful Lists

  • awesome-devenv123 14 - A curated list of awesome tools, resources and workflow tips making an awesome development environment
  • awesome-sysadmin6k 482 - A curated list of awesome open source sysadmin resources
  • Terminals Are Sexy5k 258 - A curated list for CLI lovers.

Find other useful awesome-* lists at the awesome collection68k 9k

Other References

The ZSH Reference Card and zsh-lovers site are indispensable.