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A curated list of awesome things related to Ruby on Rails (recent changes were inspired by awesome-vue18k 3k )

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Apps Made with Rails

  • adopt-a-hydrant407 276 - A Ruby on Rails application that allows citizens to "adopt" civic infrastructure, such as fire hydrants Live
  • AirCasting29 27 - A platform for recording, mapping, and sharing health and environmental data using your smartphone Live
  • alaveteli230 163 - Provide a Freedom of Information request system for your jurisdiction Live
  • alonetone186 47 - an independent music platform, allowing musicians to host and distribute their music in a non-commercial, easy-to-use environment. Live
  • AsakusaSatellite96 18 - A realtime chat application for developers Live
  • askaway32 15 - Ask New Zealand's political parties your questions this election Live
  • Beatstream121 39 - App for streaming music from any computer running Ruby on Rails to anywhere
  • bike_index139 42 - An online bike registry Live
  • brimir1k 408 - Email helpdesk built using Ruby on Rails and Zurb Foundation
  • calagator359 270 - An event aggregator based in Portland, OR
  • calcentral88 90 - An online portal that provides a unified and personalized one-stop way to access email, calendars, shared documents and class collaboration spaces Live
  • campo400 144 - A lightweight forum application, base on Ruby on Rails Live
  • canvas-lms2k 1k - A new, open-source learning management system by Instructure Inc
  • catarse1k 1k - The first open source crowdfunding platform for creative projects in the world Live
  • coderwall849 379 - Professional network for software engineers Live
  • codetriage.com894 290 - Help out your favorite open source projects and become a better developer while doing it. Live
  • CoRM7 1 - Easier than a CRM Live
  • coursemology248 57 - Rails 4 re-write of Coursemology
  • covoiturage-libre42 29 - a Carpooling Open Source platform in Rails 5
  • crabgrass-core74 36 - A web application designed for activist groups to be better able to collaborate online
  • crowdAI66 15 - Fighting for Open Science with Open Data, a machine learning challenges platform. Live
  • CrowdtiltOpen647 360 - Open source crowdfunding platform Live
  • cyberdojo243 109 - Free in-browser coding-dojo Live
  • danbooru602 242 - A taggable image board written in Rails 3 Live
  • dgi-db4 3 - Rails frontend to The Genome Institute's drug gene interaction database
  • diaspora12k 3k - Distributed and contextual social networking Live
  • discourse27k 8k -A platform for community discussion Live
  • ekylibre144 89 - Simple agricultural ERP Live
  • encrypt.to92 15 - Send encrypted messages by one click Live
  • eol60 33 - Encyclopedia of Life Live
  • expertiza131 643 - web application where students can submit and peer-review learning objects (articles, code, web sites, etc).
  • fairnopoly88 46 - A free market place in the hand of the users Live
  • feedbin2k 272 - A simple, fast and nice looking RSS reader Live
  • follow-all63 20 - Follow all the members of a Twitter list with a single click
  • fromthepage91 32 - A wiki-like application for crowdsourcing transcription of handwritten documents Live
  • gitlabhq22k 7k - Open source software to collaborate on code Live -
  • graff_mags15 0 - Upload and display collection of 2000+ graffiti magazines Live
  • growstuff278 228 - An open source/open data project to create a website for food gardeners Live
  • Hashrobot41 11 - A social media assistant Live
  • Helpy90 44 - Rails 4 Helpdesk. Includes Multilingual Knowledgebase, Email Tickets, Community Live
  • hitobito134 37 - A web application to manage complex group hierarchies with members, events and a lot more - Live
  • hours - A complete time registration app for teams Live
  • houston14 1 - Mission control for your projects and teammates
  • hummingbird2k 364 - A modern anime discovery platform that helps you track the anime you're watching, discover new anime and socialize with other fans
  • inaturalist176 120 - Open source Rails app behind Live
  • intercityup.com30 5 - Control Panel for hosting Ruby on Rails
  • kanban551 209 - A Trello clone in Rails and Backbone.js Live
  • lavish541 81 - a rails app that generates Bootstrap color scheme from an image Live
  • leihs34 26 - An easy inventory handling system
  • listenup15 0 - An application that allows users to search for songs and add them to friends playlist Live
  • lobsters1k 461 - Rails code running the link aggregation site
  • loomio2k 645 - A collaborative decision-making tool that makes it easy for anyone Live
  • Mastodon18k 4k - GNU Social-compatible microblogging server Live
  • mumuki-laboratory1 1 - Where students practice and receive automated and human feedback Live
  • obtvse2213 65 - A clean and simple markdown blogging platform on Rails
  • onebody1k 359 - A private member portal for churches built with Ruby on Rails Live
  • opencongress47 25 - An open website for opening Congress
  • OpenFarm524 173 - A free and open database for farming and gardening knowledge
  • openproject2k 765 - A web based project management system built on Ruby on Rails Live
  • opensit44 17 - An open source meditation community Live
  • openstreetmap-website674 439 - Mirror of the Rails application powering Live
  • ossfriday534 74 - a movement to encourage companies, people and maintainers to contribute to open source every Friday
  • otwarchive335 244 - An open-source web application intended for hosting archives of fanworks, including fanfic, fanart, and fan vids Live
  • PasswordPusher172 46 - A Ruby on Rails application to communicate passwords over the web Live
  • peatio1k 604 - An open-source crypto currency exchange Live
  • people55 33 - Manage people within the projects
  • planningalerts-app34 30 - Find out and have your say about what's being built and knocked down in your area
  • popHealth99 94 - An Open Source Population Health Reporting Prototype
  • publify2k 4k - A self hosted Web publishing platform on Rails
  • quant102 16 - Quant is a prototype/experiment of a personal health tracker
  • racing_on_rails35 8 - Manage a bike racing association: riders, teams, calendars, competitions, and results Live
  • RapidFTR306 371 - An Android-based mobile application that lets aid workers collect, sort and share information about children in emergency situations
  • redmine3k 822 - A flexible project management web application written using Ruby on Rails Live
  • rentmybikes-rails43 29 - A fully functional, deployable marketplace implementation using Balanced API for Rails
  • reservations89 54 - Manages reservations for equipment (allows student reservations) Live
  • rletters18 4 - Web application designed to perform digital humanities research tasks on a database of journal articles Live
  • RoRdit - Link aggregation web app similar with Reddit in Ruby on Rails Live
  • rubygems.org2k 776 - The Ruby community's gem hosting service Live
  • sanataro59 18 - Simple Web Household Account Book. built with Ruby on Rails Live
  • scholarsphere69 23 - A web application for ingest, curation, search, and display of digital assets
  • selfstarter3k 1k - Roll your own crowdfunding Live
  • sharetribe1k 1k - A platform for setting up your own peer-to-peer marketplace online Live
  • socify44 59 - an open source social networking platform written in Ruby on Rails
  • spokenvote46 51 - A social voting app for reaching consensus in a group of any size Live
  • Spree10k 5k - Spree is a complete open source e-commerce solution for Ruby on Rails. Live
  • stackneveroverflow - A simple Q&A platform using with markdown support.
  • teambox2k 417 - The award-winning collaboration solution, inspired by Basecamp, Yammer and Twitter Live
  • theodinproject713 765 - A project that aims to teach web development for free Live
  • tracks914 580 - A "Getting Things Done" application Live
  • trado105 33 - lightweight, easy to use e-commerce platform designed for sole traders and SME businesses
  • WebsiteOne112 244 - A platform for online collaboration and crowdsourced project development Live
  • whitehall512 202 - Inside Government: how the UK Government works, what it's doing, and how you can get involved


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Other Rails Tools


  • Nanobox1k 57 - A micro-PaaS (╬╝PaaS) for creating consistent, isolated, development environments deployable anywhere Live.


GeneratorReady to runComplex AppsSets gitHeroku
Rails Composer2k 334 yes, but Stripe needs to be configuredExample apps reaching a SaaS with Stripe.yesyes
PrelangHad to modify database credentials manuallyCustomizable models. But no payments.yesno
HoboRails version problems, if using a late versionIt seems according screencast, helps a lot with MVC boilerplate.nono


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