Public APIs Build Status

A collective list of free APIs for use in web development.

A public API for this project can be found here - thanks to DigitalOcean for helping us provide this service!

For information on contributing to this project, please see the contributing guide.

Please note a passing build status indicates all listed APIs are available since the last update. A failing build status indicates that 1 or more services may be unavailable at the moment.



DogsBased on the Stanford Dogs DatasetNoYesUnknownGo!
HTTPCatCat for every HTTP StatusNoYesUnknownGo!
IUCNIUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
MovebankMovement and Migration data of animalsNoYesUnknownGo!2 1


AniListAnime discovery & trackingOAuthYesUnknownGo!
JikanUnofficial MyAnimeList APINoYesUnknownGo!
KitsuAnime discovery platformOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Studio GhibliResources from Studio Ghibli filmsNoYesUnknownGo!


AlienVault Open Threat Exchange (OTX)IP/domain/URL reputationapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
CertlyCertly Link/Domain FlaggingapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Google Safe BrowsingGoogle Link/Domain FlaggingapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
MetacertMetacert Link FlaggingapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
VirusTotalVirusTotal File/URL AnalysisapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Web Of Trust (WOT)Website reputationapiKeyYesUnknownGo!

Art & Design

Cooper HewittSmithsonian Design MuseumapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Harvard Art MuseumsArtapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
Noun ProjectIconsOAuthNoUnknownGo!


BookNomadsBooks published in the Netherlands and Flanders (about 2.5 million), book covers, and related dataNoYesUnknownGo!
British National BibliographyBooksNoNoUnknownGo!
Google BooksBooksOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Open LibraryBooks, book covers, and related dataNoYesUnknownGo!


Charity SearchNon-profit charity dataapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
Clearbit LogoSearch for company logos and embed them in your projectsNoYesUnknownGo!
Domainsdb.infoRegistered Domain Names SearchNoYesUnknownGo!
GmailFlexible, RESTful access to the user's inboxOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Google AnalyticsCollect, configure, and analyze your data to reach the right audienceOAuthYesUnknownGo!
mailgunEmail ServiceapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
markerapiTrademark SearchNoNoUnknownGo!
TrelloBoards, lists, and cards to help you organize and prioritize your projectsOAuthYesUnknownGo!


Church CalendarCatholic liturgical calendarNoNoUnknownGo!
Czech Namedays CalendarLookup for a name and returns nameday dateNoNoUnknownGo!
Google CalendarDisplay, create and modify Google calendar eventsOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Hebrew CalendarConvert between Gregarian and Hebrew, fetch Shabbat and Holiday times, etcNoNoUnknownGo!
HolidaysHistorical data regarding holidaysapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
LectServeProtestant liturgical calendarNoNoUnknownGo!
Namedays CalendarProvides namedays for multiple countriesNoYesYesGo!
Non-Working DaysDatabase of ICS files for non working daysNoYesUnknownGo!

Cloud Storage & File Sharing

BoxFile Sharing and StorageOAuthYesUnknownGo!
DropboxFile Sharing and StorageOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Google DriveFile Sharing and StorageOAuthYesUnknownGo!
OneDriveFile Sharing and StorageOAuthYesUnknownGo!
PastebinPlain Text StorageapiKeyYesUnknownGo!

Continuous Integration

CircleCIAutomate the software development process using continuous integration and continuous deliveryapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
CodeshipCodeship is a Continuous Integration Platform in the cloudapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Travis CISync your GitHub projects with Travis CI to test your code in minutesapiKeyYesUnknownGo!


BinanceExchange for Trading Cryptocurrencies based in ChinaapiKeyYesUnknownGo!199 51
BitcoinChartsFinancial and Technical Data related to the Bitcoin NetworkNoYesUnknownGo!
BitfinexCryptocurrency Trading PlatformapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
BitmexReal-Time Cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform based in Hong KongapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
BittrexNext Generation Crypto Trading PlatformapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
BlockBitcoin Payment, Wallet & Transaction DataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
BlockchainBitcoin Payment, Wallet & Transaction DataNoYesUnknownGo!
CoinAPIAll Currency Exchanges integrate under a single apiapiKeyYesNoGo!
CoinbaseBitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum PricesapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
CoinBinCryptocurrency informationNoYesUnknownGo!
CoinDeskBitcoin Price IndexNoNoUnknownGo!
CoinMarketCapCryptocurrencies PricesNoYesUnknownGo!
CryptoCompareCryptocurrencies ComparisonNoYesUnknownGo!
CryptonatorCryptocurrencies Exchange RatesNoYesUnknownGo!
GDAXCryptocurrency Trading PlatformapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
MercadoBitcoinBrazilian Cryptocurrency InformationNoYesUnknownGo!
NexchangeAutomated cryptocurrency exchange serviceNoNoYesGo!
PoloniexUS based digital asset exchangeapiKeyYesUnknownGo!

Currency Exchange

1ForgeForex currency market dataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
CurrencylayerExchange rates and currency conversionapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Czech National BankA collection of exchange ratesNoYesUnknownGo!
Fixer.ioExchange rates and currency conversionNoYesUnknownGo!
LabStackAccurate and reliable live currency exchange rates for over 150 symbolsapiKeyYesYesGo!

Data Validation

LabStackCheck email address for syntax error, disposable mail server and valid SMTP mailboxapiKeyYesYesGo!
languagelayerLanguage detectionNoYesUnknownGo!
Lob.comUS Address VerificationapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
mailboxlayerEmail address validationNoYesUnknownGo!
MailTestEmail address validationNoYesUnknownGo!
NumValidateOpen Source phone number validationNoYesUnknownGo!
numverifyPhone number validationNoYesUnknownGo!
PurgoMalumContent validator against profanity & obscenityNoNoUnknownGo!
vatlayerVAT number validationNoYesUnknownGo!


ApiLeapMake screenshots from web pages and HTMLapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
APIs.guruWikipedia for Web APIs, OpenAPI/Swagger specs for public APIsNoYesUnknownGo!
BetterMetaReturn a site's meta tags in JSON formatX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknownGo!
BitbucketPull public information for a Bitbucket accountNoYesUnknownGo!
BrowshotEasily make screenshots of web pages in any screen size, as any deviceapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
CDNJSLibrary info on CDNJSNoYesUnknownGo!
Changelogs.mdStructured changelog metadata from open source projectsNoYesUnknownGo!
Count.ioPersistent counting and A/B testingNoYesUnknownGo!
DigitalOcean StatusStatus of all DigitalOcean servicesNoYesUnknownGo!
DomainDb InfoDomain name search to find all domains containing particular words/phrases/etcNoYesUnknownGo!
FaceplusplusA tool to detect faceOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Genderize.ioDetermines a gender from a first nameNoYesUnknownGo!
GithubInformation for a user's Github profileNoYesUnknownGo!
GitterChat for GitHubOAuthYesUnknownGo!43 38
HTTP2.ProTest endpoints for client and server HTTP/2 protocol supportNoYesUnknownGo!
import.ioRetrieve structured data from a website or RSS feedapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
IPifyA simple IP Address APINoYesUnknownGo!
IPinfoAnother simple IP Address APINoYesUnknownGo!
JSON 2 JSONPConvert JSON to JSONP (on-the-fly) for easy cross-domain data requests using client-side JavaScriptNoYesUnknownGo!
JSONbin.ioFree JSON storage service. Ideal for small scale Web apps, Websites and Mobile appsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Judge0Compile and run source codeNoYesUnknownGo!
KairosFace Recognition and Emotion AnalysisapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Let's ValidateUncovers the technologies used on websites and URL to thumbnailNoYesUnknownGo!22 2
LiveEduLive Coding StreamingOAuthYesUnknownGo!
MyjsonA simple JSON store for your web or mobile appNoNoUnknownGo!
PlinoSpam filtering systemNoYesUnknownGo!
Public APIsA collective list of free JSON APIs for use in web developmentNoYesUnknownGo!
QR codeGenerate and decode / read QR code graphicsNoYesUnknownGo!
ReqResA hosted REST-API ready to respond to your AJAX requestsNoYesUnknownGo!
Scrape Website EmailGrabs email addresses from a URLX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknownGo!
StackExchangeQ&A forum for developersOAuthYesUnknownGo!
VerseCheck what's the latest version of your favorite open-source projectNoYesUnknownGo!
XML to JSONIntegration developer utility APIsNoYesUnknownGo!


OxfordDictionary DataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
WordnikDictionary DataNoNoUnknownGo!
WordsDefinitions and synonyms for more than 150,000 wordsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!

Documents & Productivity

File.ioFile SharingNoYesUnknownGo!
MercuryWeb parserapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
pdflayerHTML/URL to PDFNoYesUnknownGo!
PocketBookmarking serviceOAuthYesUnknownGo!
PrexViewData from XML or JSON to PDF, HTML or ImageapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
RestpackProvides screenshot, HTML to PDF, and content extraction APIsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
TodoistTodo ListsOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Vector ExpressFree vector file converting APINoNoYesGo!
WunderlistTodo ListsOAuthYesUnknownGo!


AirVisualAir quality and weather dataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
OpenAQOpen air quality dataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
PM2.5.inAir quality of ChinaapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
PVWattsEnergy production photovoltaic (PV) energy systemsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
UK Carbon IntensityThe Official Carbon Intensity API for Great Britain developed by National GridNoYesUnknownGo!


EventbriteFind eventsOAuthYesUnknownGo!
PicaticSell tickets anywhereapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
TicketmasterSearch events, attractions, or venuesapiKeyYesUnknownGo!


Alpha VantageRealtime and historical stock dataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Barchart OnDemandStock, Futures, and Forex Market DataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Consumer Financial Protection BureauFinancial services consumer complaint dataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
IEXStocks and Market DataNoYesUnknownGo!
IGSpreadbetting and CFD Market DataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
PlaidConnect with users’ bank accounts and access transaction dataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Razorpay IFSCIndian Financial Systems Code (Bank Branch Codes)NoYesUnknownGo!
RoutingNumbers.infoACH/NACHA Bank Routing NumbersNoYesUnknownGo!
VAT RatesA collection of all VAT rates for EU countriesNoYesUnknownGo!

Food & Drink

EdamamRecipe SearchapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Food2ForkRecipe SearchapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
Open Food FactsFood Products DatabaseNoYesUnknownGo!
PunkAPIBrewdog Beer RecipesNoYesUnknownGo!
Recipe PuppyFoodNoNoUnknownGo!
TacoFancyCommunity-driven taco databaseNoNoUnknownGo!7 1
The Report of the WeekFood & Drink ReviewsNoYesUnknownGo!
TheCocktailDBCocktail RecipesapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
TheMealDBMeal RecipesapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
What's on the menu?NYPL human-transcribed historical menu collectionapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
YummlyFind food recipesapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
ZomatoDiscover restaurantsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!

Fraud Prevention

Whitepages ProGlobal identity verification with phone, address, email, and IPapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Whitepages ProPhone reputation to detect spammy phonesapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Whitepages ProGet an owner’s name, address, demographics based on the phone numberapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Whitepages ProPhone number validation, line_type, carrier appendapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Whitepages ProGet normalized physical address, residents, address type, and validityapiKeyYesUnknownGo!

Games & Comics

AmiiboAPIAmiibo InformationNoNoYesGo!
Battle.netBlizzard EntertainmentapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Battlefield 4Battlefield 4 InformationNoYesUnknownGo!
Chuck Norris DatabaseJokesNoNoUnknownGo!
Clash of ClansClash of Clans Game InformationNoYesUnknownGo!
Clash RoyaleClash Royale Game InformationNoYesUnknownGo!140 53
Comic VineComicsNoYesUnknownGo!
Deck of CardsDeck of CardsNoNoUnknownGo!
Destiny The GameBungie Platform APIapiKeyYesUnknownGo!70 2
Dota 2Provides information about Player stats , Match stats, Rankings for Dota 2NoYesUnknownGo!
Eve OnlineThird-Party Developer DocumentationOAuthYesUnknownGo!
GamesMinecraft and other server info & user info)NoYesUnknownGo!
Giant BombVideo GamesNoYesUnknownGo!
Guild Wars 2Guild Wars 2 Game InformationapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
HaloHalo 5 and Halo Wars 2 InformationapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
HearthstoneHearthstone Cards InformationX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknownGo!
IGDB.comVideo Game DatabaseapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
JokesProgramming and general jokesNoYesUnknownGo!
JserviceJeopardy Question DatabaseNoNoUnknownGo!
Magic The GatheringMagic The Gathering Game InformationNoNoUnknownGo!
MarvelMarvel ComicsapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
Open TriviaTrivia QuestionsNoYesUnknownGo!
PandaScoreE-sports games and resultsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
PlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsPUBG StatsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
PokéapiPokémon InformationNoYesUnknownGo!
Pokémon TCGPokémon TCG InformationNoYesUnknownGo!
QriusityQuiz/Trivia QuestionsNoYesUnknownGo!
Rick and MortyAll the Rick and Morty information, including imagesNoYesYesGo!
Riot GamesLeague of Legends Game InformationapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
SteamSteam Client InteractionOAuthYesUnknownGo!
xkcdRetrieve xkcd comics as JSONNoYesUnknownGo!


APIDescriptionAuthHTTPSCORSLink database of France, geocoding, and reverseNoYesUnknownGo!
BattutaA (country/region/city) in-cascade location APIapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Bing MapsCreate/customize digital maps based on Bing Maps dataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
City ContextCrime, school, and transportation data for US citiesapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
CitySDKOpen APIs for select European citiesNoYesUnknownGo!
Daum MapsDaum Maps provide multiple APIs for Korean mapsapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
FreeGeoIPGeolocation of IP addressesNoYesUnknownGo!
GeoApiFrench geographical dataNoYesUnknownGo!
Geocode.xyzProvides worldwide forward/reverse geocoding, batch geocoding and geoparsingNoYesUnknownGo!
GeoNamesPlace names and other geographical dataNoNoUnknownGo!
Google Earth EngineA cloud-based platform for planetary-scale environmental data analysisapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Google MapsCreate/customize digital maps based on Google Maps dataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
GraphLocFree GraphQL IP Geolocation APINoYesUnknownGo!
HelloSalutGet hello translation following user languageNoYesUnknownGo!
IP 2 CountryMap an IP to a countryNoYesUnknownGo!
IP Address DetailsFind geolocation with ip addressNoYesUnknownGo!
IP LocationFind IP address location informationNoYesUnknownGo!
IP SidekickGeolocation API that returns extra information about an IP addressapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
IP VigilanteFree IP Geolocation APINoYesUnknownGo!
LabStackFind IP to location, location to latitude-longitude and reverseapiKeyYesYesGo!
LocationIQProvides forward/reverse geocoding and batch geocodingapiKeyYesYesGo!
MapboxCreate/customize beautiful digital mapsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
MexicoMexico RESTful zip codes APINoYesUnknownGo!38 20
One Map, SingaporeSingapore Land Authority REST API services for Singapore addressesapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
OnWaterDetermine if a lat/lon is on water or landNoYesUnknownGo!
OpenCageForward and reverse geocoding using open dataNoYesUnknownGo!
OpenStreetMapNavigation, geolocation and geographical dataOAuthNoUnknownGo!
PostcodeData.nlProvide geolocation data based on postcode for Dutch addressesNoNoUnknownGo!
Postcodes.ioPostcode lookup & Geolocation for the UKNoYesUnknownGo!
REST CountriesGet information about countries via a RESTful APINoYesUnknownGo!
UebermapsDiscover and share maps with friendsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Utah AGRCUtah Web API for geocoding Utah addressesapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
ViaCepBrazil RESTful zip codes APINoYesUnknownGo!
ZippopotamGet information about place such as country, city, state, etcNoNoUnknownGo!


BCLawsAccess to the laws of British ColumbiaNoNoUnknownGo!
BusinessUSAAuthoritative information on U.S. programs, events, services and moreapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Census.govThe US Census Bureau provides various APIs and data sets on demographics and businessesNoYesUnknownGo!
EPAWeb services and data sets from the US Environmental Protection AgencyNoYesUnknownGo!
FECInformation on campaign donations in federal electionsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Food Standards AgencyUK food hygiene rating data APINoNoUnknownGo!
Regulations.govFederal regulatory materialsto increase understanding of the Federal rule making processapiKeyYesUnknownGo!


BetterDoctorDetailed information about doctors in your areaapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
DiabetesLogging and retrieving diabetes informationNoNoUnknownGo!
FlutrackInfluenza-like symptoms with geotrackingNoNoUnknownGo!
Healthcare.govEducational content about the US Health Insurance MarketplaceNoYesUnknownGo!
LexigramNLP that extracts mentions of clinical concepts from text, gives access to clinical ontologyapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
MakeupMakeup InformationNoNoUnknownGo!
MedicareAccess to the data from the CMS - medicare.govNoYesUnknownGo!
NPPESNational Plan & Provider Enumeration System, info on healthcare providers registered in USNoYesUnknownGo!
NutritionixWorlds largest verified nutrition databaseapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
openFDAPublic FDA data about drugs, devices, and foodsNoYesUnknownGo!
USDA NutrientsNational Nutrient Database for Standard ReferenceNoYesUnknownGo!


AdzunaJob board aggregatorapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Authentic JobsJob board for designers, hackers, and creative prosapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
CareerjetJob search engineapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
Github JobsJobs for software developersNoYesUnknownGo!
IndeedJob board aggregatorapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Jobs2CareersJob aggregatorapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
JoobleJob search engineapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
JujuJob search engineapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
Open SkillsJob titles, skills, and related jobs dataNoNoUnknownGo!2 1
ReedJob board aggregatorapiKeyYesUnknownGo! JobsTap into a list of current jobs openings with the United States governmentNoYesUnknownGo!
The MuseJob board and company profilesapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
UpworkFreelance job board and management systemOAuthYesUnknownGo!
USAJOBSUS government job boardapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
ZipRecruiterJob search app and websiteapiKeyYesUnknownGo!

Machine Learning

ClarifaiComputer VisionOAuthYesUnknownGo!
CleverbotWeb chat botapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
DialogflowNatural Language ProcessingapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Keen IOData AnalyticsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
UnpluggForecasting API for timeseries dataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Wit.aiNatural Language ProcessingOAuthYesUnknownGo!


BandsintownMusic EventsNoYesUnknownGo!
GeniusCrowdsourced lyrics and music knowledgeOAuthYesUnknownGo!
iTunes SearchSoftware productsNoYesUnknownGo!
Lyrics.ovhSimple API to retrieve the lyrics of a songNoYesUnknownGo!
SongkickMusic EventsOAuthYesUnknownGo!
SongsterrProvides guitar, bass and drums tabs and chordsNoYesUnknownGo!
SpotifyView Spotify music catalog, manage users' libraries, get recommendations, and moreOAuthYesUnknownGo!
TasteDiveSimilar artist API (also works for movies and TV shows)apiKeyYesUnknownGo!
VagalumeCrowdsourced lyrics and music knowledgeapiKeyYesUnknownGo!


Chronicling AmericaProvides access to millions of pages of historic US newspapers from the Library of CongressNoNoUnknownGo!
FeedbinRSS readerOAuthYesUnknownGo!134 8
New York TimesProvides newsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
NewsHeadlines currently published on a range of news sources and blogsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
NPR OnePersonalized news listening experience from NPROAuthYesUnknownGo!
The GuardianAccess all the content the Guardian creates, categorised by tags and sectionapiKeyYesUnknownGo!

Open Data

18FUS Federal Government /Developer ProgramNoNoUnknownGo!
AbbreviationGet abbreviations and meaningsX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknownGo!
Callook.infoUnited States ham radio callsignsNoYesUnknownGo!
CARTOLocation Information PredictionapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
CelebinfoCelebrity informationX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknownGo!
Colorado Data EngineFormatted and geolocated Colorado public dataNoYesUnknownGo!
Colorado Information MarketplaceColorado State Government Open DataNoYesUnknownGo!
Data USAUS Public DataNoYesUnknownGo!
DatakickThe open product databaseapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
DronestreamTracks United States drone strikesNoYesUnknownGo!
Federal RegisterThe Daily Journal of the United States GovernmentNoYesUnknownGo!
fonoApiMobile Device DescriptionNoYesUnknownGo!
French Address SearchFrench GovernmentNoYesUnknownGo!
INQStatsOpen demographic data such as population, life expectancy, migration rate, etcapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
LinkPreviewGet JSON formatted summary with title, description and preview image for any requested URLapiKeyYesYesGo!
Marijuana StrainsMarijuana strains, races, flavors, and effectsapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
Microlink.ioTurns any link into informationNoYesUnknownGo!
Open Government, AustraliaAustralian Government Open DataNoYesUnknownGo!
Open Government, CanadaCanadian Government Open DataNoNoUnknownGo!
Open Government, FranceFrench Government Open DataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Open Government, IndiaIndian Government Open DataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Open Government, New ZealandNew Zealand Government Open DataNoYesUnknownGo!
Open Government, TaiwanTaiwan Government Open DataNoYesUnknownGo!
Open Government, USAUnited States Government Open DataNoYesUnknownGo!
Prague OpendataPrague City Open DataNoNoUnknownGo!
QuandlStock Market DataNoYesUnknownGo!
Represent by Open NorthFind Canadian Government RepresentativesNoYesUnknownGo!
Scoop.itContent Curation ServiceapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
TeleportQuality of Life DataNoYesUnknownGo!
Universities ListUniversity names, countries and domainsNoYesUnknownGo!16 5
UPC databaseMore than 1.5 million barcode numbers from all around the worldapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
WikidataCollaboratively edited knowledge base operated by the Wikimedia FoundationOAuthYesUnknownGo!
WikipediaMediawiki EncyclopediaNoYesUnknownGo!
YelpFind Local BusinessOAuthYesUnknownGo!

Open Source Projects

CountlyCountly web analyticsNoNoUnknownGo!
Libraries.ioOpen source software librariesapiKeyYesUnknownGo!


EPOEuropean patent search system apiOAuthYesUnknownGo!
TIPOTaiwan patent search system apiapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
USPTOUSA patent api servicesNoYesUnknownGo!


chucknorris.ioJSON API for hand curated Chuck Norris jokesNoYesUnknownGo!
FavQs.comFavQs allows you to collect, discover, and share your favorite quotesapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
ForismaticInspirational QuotesNoNoUnknownGo!
icanhazdadjokeThe largest selection of dad jokes on the internetNoYesUnknownGo!
MediumCommunity of readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideasOAuthYesUnknownGo!806 71
Quotes on DesignInspirational QuotesNoYesUnknownGo!
TraitifyAssess, collect, and analyze PersonalityNoYesUnknownGo!
tronalddump.ioApi & web archive for the things Donald Trump has saidNoYesUnknownGo!


500pxPhotography CommunityOAuthYesUnknownGo!759 313
FlickrFlickr ServicesOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Getty ImagesBuild applications using the world's most powerful imageryOAuthYesUnknownGo!
GfycatJiffier GIFsOAuthYesUnknownGo!
GiphyGet all your gifsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
GyazoUpload imagesapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
PixhostUpload images, photos, galleriesNoYesUnknownGo!
PlaceKittenResizable kitten placeholder imagesNoYesUnknownGo!
ScreenShotLayerURL 2 ImageNoYesUnknownGo!

Science & Math

arcsecond.ioMultiple astronomy data sourcesNoYesUnknownGo!
COREAccess the world's Open Access research papersapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
inspirehep.netHigh Energy Physics info. systemNoYesUnknownGo!
Launch LibraryUpcoming Space LaunchesNoYesUnknownGo!
Minor Planet InformationNoNoUnknownGo!
NASANASA data, including imageryNoYesUnknownGo!
NewtonSymbolic and Arithmetic Math CalculatorNoYesUnknownGo!
NumbersFacts about numbersNoNoUnknownGo!
Open NotifyISS astronauts, current location, etcNoNoUnknownGo!
Open Science FrameworkRepository and archive for study designs, research materials, data, manuscripts, etcNoYesUnknownGo!
SHAREA free, open, dataset about research and scholarly activitiesNoYesUnknownGo!
SpaceXCompany, vehicle, launchpad and launch dataNoYesUnknownGo!97 17
Sunrise and SunsetSunset and sunrise times for a given latitude and longitudeNoYesUnknownGo!
USGS Earthquake Hazards ProgramEarthquakes data real-timeNoYesUnknownGo!
USGS Water ServicesWater quality and level info for rivers and lakesNoYesUnknownGo!
World BankWorld DataNoNoUnknownGo!


AXFR DatabaseAXFR public databaseNoNoUnknownGo!
HaveIBeenPwnedPasswords which have previously been exposed in data breachesNoYesUnknownGo!
UK PoliceUK Police dataNoYesUnknownGo!


Best BuyProducts, Buying Options, Categories, Recommendations, Stores, and CommerceapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
eBaySell and Buy on eBayOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Wal-MartItem price and availabilityapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
WegmansWegmans Food MarketsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!


BufferAccess to pending and sent updates in BufferOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Cisco SparkTeam Collaboration SoftwareOAuthYesUnknownGo!
DiscordMake bots for Discord, integrate Discord onto an external platformOAuthYesUnknownGo!
DisqusCommunicate with Disqus dataOAuthYesUnknownGo!
DonReach Social CountGet the social share count of a URL from every major social networkNoYesUnknownGo!
FacebookFacebook Login, Share on FB, Social Plugins, Analytics and moreOAuthYesUnknownGo!
FoursquareInteract with Foursquare users and places (geolocation-based checkins, photos, tips, events, etc)OAuthYesUnknownGo!
Fuck Off as a ServiceAsks someone to fuck offNoYesUnknownGo!
Full ContactGet Social Media profiles and contact InformationOAuthYesUnknownGo!
HackerNewsSocial news for CS and entrepreneurshipNoYesUnknownGo!2k 76
InstagramInstagram Login, Share on Instagram, Social Plugins and moreOAuthYesUnknownGo!
LinkedInThe foundation of all digital integrations with LinkedInOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Meetup.comData about Meetups from Meetup.comapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
PinterestThe world's catalog of ideasOAuthYesUnknownGo!
PWRTelegram botBoosted version of the Telegram bot APIOAuthYesUnknownGo!
RedditHomepage of the internetOAuthYesUnknownGo!
SharedCountSocial media like and share data for any URLapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
SlackTeam Instant MessagingOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Telegram BotSimplified HTTP version of the MTProto API for botsOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Telegram MTProtoRead and write Telegram dataOAuthYesUnknownGo!
TumblrRead and write Tumblr DataOAuthYesUnknownGo!
TwitchGame Streaming APIOAuthYesUnknownGo!
TwitterRead and write Twitter dataOAuthYesUnknownGo!
vkRead and write vk dataOAuthYesUnknownGo!

Sports & Fitness

BikeWiseBikewise is a place to learn about and report bike crashes, hazards, and theftsNoYesUnknownGo!
Cartola FCThe Cartola FC API serves to check the partial points of your teamNoYesUnknownGo!160 80
City BikesCity Bikes around the worldNoNoUnknownGo!
Cricket Live ScoresLive cricket scoresX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknownGo!
Ergast F1F1 data from the beginning of the world championships in 1950NoNoUnknownGo!
FitbitFitbit InformationOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Football-Data.orgFootball DataNoNoUnknownGo!
JCDecaux BikeJCDecaux's self-service bicyclesapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
NBA StatsCurrent and historical NBA StatisticsNoYesUnknownGo!
NFL ArrestsNFL Arrest DataNoNoUnknownGo!
Pro MotocrossThe RESTful AMA Pro Motocross lap times for every racer on the start gateNoNoUnknownGo!
StravaConnect with athletes, activities and moreOAuthYesUnknownGo!
SuredBitsQuery sports data, including teams, players, games, scores, and statisticsNoNoUnknownGo!
TheSportsDBCrowd-Sourced Sports Data and ArtworkapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
UFC DataUltimate Fighting Championship information for events and fightersNoNoUnknownGo!
WgerWorkout manager data as exercises, muscles or equipmentapiKeyYesUnknownGo!

Test Data

Adorable AvatarsGenerate random cartoon avatarsNoYesUnknownGo!
Bacon IpsumA Meatier Lorem Ipsum GeneratorNoYesUnknownGo!
FakeJSONService to generate test and fake dataapiKeyYesYesGo!
FHIRFast Healthcare Interoperability Resources test dataNoYesUnknownGo!
Hipster IpsumGenerates Hipster Ipsum textNoNoUnknownGo!
JSONPlaceholderFake data for testing and prototypingNoNoUnknownGo!
Lorem TextGenerates Lorem Ipsum textX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknownGo!
LoremPicsumGenerate placeholder picturesNoNoUnknownGo!
LoripsumThe "lorem ipsum" generator that doesn't suckNoNoUnknownGo!
RandomUserGenerates random user dataNoYesUnknownGo!
RoboHashGenerate random robot/alien avatarsNoYesUnknownGo!
UI NamesGenerate random fake namesNoYesUnknownGo!363 127
Yes NoGenerate yes or no randomlyNoYesUnknownGo!

Text Analysis

Aylien Text AnalysisA collection of information retrieval and natural language APIsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Detect LanguageDetects text languageapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Google Cloud NaturalNatural language understanding technology, including sentiment, entity, and syntax analysisapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
SemantiraText Analytics with sentiment analysis, categorization & named entity extractionOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Watson Natural Language UnderstandingNatural language processing for advanced text analysisOAuthYesUnknownGo!


PostmonAn API to query Brazilian ZIP codes and orders easily, quickly and freeNoNoUnknownGo!
SwedenProvides information about parcels in transportapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
UPSShipment and Address informationapiKeyYesUnknownGo!


ADS-B ExchangeAccess real-time and historical data of any and all airbone aircraftNoYesUnknownGo!
AIS HubReal-time data of any marine and inland vessel equipped with AIS tracking systemapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
AIS WebAeronautical information in digital media produced by the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA)apiKeyNoUnknownGo!
Amadeus Travel Innovation SandboxTravel Search - Limited usageapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Bay Area Rapid TransitStations and predicted arrivals for BARTapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
Community TransitTransitland APINoYesUnknownGo!54 6
GoibiboAPI for travel searchapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
GraphHopperA-to-B routing with turn-by-turn instructionsapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Icelandic APIsOpen APIs that deliver services in or regarding IcelandNoYesUnknownGo!
Indian RailwaysIndian Railways InformationapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
IziAudio guide for travellersapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
NavitiaThe open API for building cool stuff with transport dataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
REFUGE RestroomsProvides safe restroom access for transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming individualsNoYesUnknownGo!
Schiphol AirportSchipholapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
TransitLandTransit AggregationNoYesUnknownGo!
Transport for Atlanta, USMartaNoNoUnknownGo!
Transport for Auckland, New ZealandAuckland TransportNoYesUnknownGo!
Transport for BelgiumBelgian transport APINoYesUnknownGo!
Transport for Berlin, GermanyThird-party VBB APINoYesUnknownGo!22 2
Transport for Boston, USMBTA APINoNoUnknownGo!
Transport for Budapest, HungaryBudapest public transport APINoYesUnknownGo!
Transport for Chicago, USCTANoNoUnknownGo!
Transport for Czech RepublicCzech transport APINoYesUnknownGo!
Transport for Denver, USRTDNoNoUnknownGo!
Transport for FinlandFinnish transport APINoYesUnknownGo!
Transport for GermanyDeutsche Bahn (DB) APIapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
Transport for IndiaIndia Public Transport APIapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Transport for London, EnglandTfL APINoYesUnknownGo!
Transport for Madrid, SpainMadrid BUS transport APIapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
Transport for Minneapolis, USNexTrip APIOAuthNoUnknownGo!
Transport for New York City, USMTAapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
Transport for NorwayNorwegian transport APINoNoUnknownGo!
Transport for Ottawa, CanadaOC Transpo next bus arrival APINoNoUnknownGo!
Transport for Paris, FranceRATP Open Data APINoNoUnknownGo!
Transport for Paris, FranceLive schedules made simpleNoNoUnknownGo!
Transport for Philadelphia, USSEPTA APIsNoNoUnknownGo!
Transport for Sao Paulo, BrazilSPTransOAuthNoUnknownGo!
Transport for SwedenPublic Transport consumerOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Transport for SwitzerlandSwiss public transport APINoYesUnknownGo!
Transport for SwitzerlandOfficial Swiss Public Transport Open DataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Transport for The NetherlandsNS, only trainsapiKeyNoUnknownGo!
Transport for The NetherlandsOVAPI, country-wide public transportNoYesUnknownGo!20 5
Transport for Toronto, CanadaTTCNoYesUnknownGo!
Transport for United StatesNextBus APINoNoUnknownGo!
Transport for Vancouver, CanadaTransLinkOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Transport for Victoria, AUPTV APIapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Transport for Washington, USWashington Metro transport APIOAuthYesUnknownGo!
UberUber ride requests and price estimationOAuthYesYesGo!
WhereIsMyTransportPlatform for public transport data in emerging citiesOAuthYesUnknownGo!

URL Shorteners

BitlyURL shortener and link managementOAuthYesUnknownGo!
ClickMeterMonitor, compare, and optimize your marketing linksapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Google URL ShortenerTakes long URLs and squeezes them into fewer characters to make a link that is easier to shareapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
RebrandlyCustom URL shortener for sharing branded linksapiKeyYesUnknownGo!


Brazilian Vehicles and PricesVehicles information from Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas - FipeNoYesUnknownGo!
Kelley Blue BookVehicle info, pricing, configuration, plus much moreapiKeyYesNoGo!
Mercedes-BenzTelematics data, remotely access vehicle functions, car configurator, locate service dealersapiKeyYesNoGo!
NHTSANHTSA Product Information Catalog and Vehicle ListingNoYesUnknownGo!


An API of Ice And FireGame Of Thrones APINoYesUnknownGo!
Czech TelevisionTV programme of Czech TVNoNoUnknownGo!
DailymotionDailymotion Developer APIOAuthYesUnknownGo!
Netflix RouletteNetflix databaseNoYesUnknownGo!
Ron Swanson QuotesTelevisionNoYesUnknownGo!
SWAPIStar Wars InformationNoYesUnknownGo!
TMDbCommunity-based movie dataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
TVDBTelevision dataapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
TVMazeTV Show DataNoNoUnknownGo!
UtellyCheck where a tv show or movie is availableX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknownGo!
VimeoVimeo Developer APIOAuthYesUnknownGo!
YouTubeAdd YouTube functionality to your sites and appsOAuthYesUnknownGo!


Dark SkyWeatherapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
ODWeatherWeather and weather webcamsNoNoUnknownGo!
OpenUVReal-time UV Index ForecastapiKeyYesUnknownGo!
Yahoo! WeatherWeatherNoYesUnknownGo!