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Official Elements

  • Elements Catalog
  • Iron Iron elements are a set of visual and non-visual utility elements.
  • Paper Paper elements are a set of visual elements that implement Google's Material Design.
  • Google web components
  • Gold The gold elements are built for e-commerce use-cases like checkout flows.
  • Platinum Elements to turn your web page into a true webapp, with push, offline, and more.
  • Molecules Elements that wrap other javascript libraries.
  • App Elements that enable building full web apps out of modular custom elements.
  • Data A collection of data/storage related elements.
  • Layout A collection of layout related elements.
  • [Obsolete] Neon Neon elements implement special effects.



  • App Toolbox App Toolbox.
  • Polyserve A simple web server for using bower components locally.
  • Polybuild93 25 An all-in-one build tool for Polymer apps.
  • Polyup44 10 A helpful assistant for migrating from Polymer v0.5 to 1.0.
  • Polylint144 22 Detect errors in your code.
  • Polygit The Magic Server serves files directly from github (via in a manner that is compatible with HTML Imports natural deduplication feature.
  • Polydev110 9 DevTool extension.
  • Polymer Ready Show an icon in the address bar when it detects some Polymer and Custom components.
  • Vulcanize1k 171 Build tool for HTMLimports and web components.
  • Crisper99 29 Split inline scripts from an HTML file for CSP compliance.
  • Snippets for Atom editor
  • Snippets for Sublime Text editor
  • Synthesis38 8 Use Polymer as the view Layer of Meteor.js
  • MWC-Layout16 4 Control rendering of polymer components.
  • WC-Loader77 16 . Webcomponents webpack loader
  • Polymer Webpack Loader107 20 . Polymer webpack loader.
  • Polymer CDN. Unofficial CDN for polymer components.
  • lit-html95 6 HTML templates, via JavaScript template literals.




Notable projects

Polymer Projects69 29 A list of websites and apps built with Polymer

Other awesome resources

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