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Curated list of resources: books, videos, articles about using Next.js.

Next.js24k 3k is a minimalistic framework for server-rendered React applications.

List inspired by the awesome68k 9k list thing. You might also like awesome-tdd.






  • NextJS in Firebase with Bootstrap2 1 - Hosting NextJS app with Bootstrap in Firebase with Cloud Functions.
  • Next Simple Starter251 33 - Simple PWA boilerplate with Next.js and Redux.
  • NextJS Starter232 23 - Starter project for Next.js with and email and oAuth authentication.
  • RAN! - Production-ready boilerplate with support for GraphQL, SSR, Hot-reload, CSS-in-JS, caching, and more.
  • Next Simple Blog230 17 - Simple Markdown based blog built with Next.js with static exports.
  • Create-Next-App - Fork of Facebook's create-react-app to create a next application.
  • phox - Create a static photo blog.
  • Next Express Bootstrap Boilerplate4 1 - Boilerplate for a full stack app built using Next, Express, react-bootstrap, SCSS and SSR with eslint.
  • Next Blog Firestore - Blog with simple CMS built with Next.js, Firebase Firestore, styled-components and mobx-state-tree.
  • Next Redux Starter - Next.js starter with Express, Redux, and PostCSS.
  • Staart19 2 - 😎 Actively maintained Next.js components library and minimal boilerplate to rapidly get staarted with app with working user accounts based on Ooth.
  • NextJS TypeScript Starter Kit - 🎉 TypeScript + NextJS@5, Styled-jsx, Redux, PostCSS, configurable SEO



  • Nextgram - Sample Next.js app for showing off its capabilities.
  • NextJS GOT - Simple Next.js application that showcases Game of Thrones Characters.
  • Next Episode19 1 - Sample Next.js app showing movie episodes.
  • Relate - Mindfulness community - React, GraphQL, Next.js.
  • Next News - HackerNews written in Next.js.
  • Password43 10 - One password, right way.
  • Next Todos84 6 - Todo list written in Next.js.
  • Hacker News31 3 - Another Hacker News written in Next.js.
  • Jet Chat - Jet and Next.js powered Chat demo.
  • Nextgram - Sample Next.js v2 app for showing off its capabilities.
  • Rauchg Blog - Blog built by a Next.js core maintainer.
  • Next JPH - JsonPlaceholder sample app made with Next.js.
  • Mailto55 7 - HTML mailto's made easy.
  • Plate18 14 - The task management app to rule them all.
  • Dashboard330 31 - Create your own team dashboard with custom widgets.
  • Snape56 10 - A torrent client to search, stream and download torrents.
  • Trello Resume - Converts trello data into fast read information.
  • Server Authentication with JWT - Server authentication, prevent render before validation.
  • Alexander Kachkaev’s website – personal homepage built with Next.js, GraphQL, Docker and Kubernetes. Uses apollo client, react-intl, styled-components and recompose. Docker images are automatically built by GitLab CI.
  • Cookie handler with server render - Cookie handler with server render, access the cookie before render.
  • Gank46 12 - A Next.js App use gank-api, mobx and antd
  • Decoupled CMS example with GraphQL and Next.js
  • DS1 1 - Personal site manager.



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