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A curated list of awesome Meteor Packages, libraries and software.

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Getting Started

Where to start


Helpers and expensions for collections

  • node-simple-schema165 31 - A JavaScript schema validation package that supports direct validation of MongoDB update modifier objects
  • aldeed:collection21k 116 - Automatic validation of insert and update operations on the client and server.
  • dburles:collection-helpers530 31 – Transform your collections with helpers that you define.
  • matb33:collection-hooks621 68 - Extends Mongo.Collection with before/after hooks for insert/update/remove/find/findOne.
  • reywood:publish-composite534 46 - publish a set of related documents from various collections using a reactive join
  • jagi:astronomy619 68 - The Model layer for Meteor


REST support for Meteor

  • simple:rest354 80 - automatically make your Meteor app accessible over HTTP and DDP alike.
  • nimble:restivus540 110 - Make REST endpoints for your Meteor app with incredible ease.

Forms and Templates

Helpers for templates

Users and Authentication

Tools for handling users and authentication


Tools for deploying and maintaining Meteor apps


Routers for Blaze


Tools for Meteor offline support

  • ground:db586 99 - GroundDB is a thin layer providing Meteor offline database and methods.


Testing tools


Handling files in Meteor

  • Meteor-CollectionFS1k 282 - Meteor webbased filesystem handling up and downloads.
  • ostrio:files773 128 - Upload files via DDP, HTTP and WebRTC/DC. To Meteor server FS, AWS, GridFS, DropBox or Google Drive. Fast, secure and robust.
  • netanelgilad:excel55 12 - Parsing and generating excel files (xlsx, xls).

Search, sort and paginate

Search, sort and paginate related tools


Mobile Development

Data Visualization

Data Visualization in Meteor: charts, maps, tables, etc.

  • AnyChart-Meteor - This package provides a simple way to use AnyChart JavaScript charting component in Meteor.
  • aldeed:tabular352 155 - Reactive datatables for large or small datasets.



  • okgrow:analytics203 68 - Google Analytics, Mixpanel, KISSmetrics (and more) integration for meteor.

Cron Jobs

Cron Jobs in Meteor

  • percolate:synced-cron461 81 - Cron system for Meteor. It supports syncronizing jobs between multiple processes.
  • vsivsi:job-collection369 52 - A persistent and reactive job queue for Meteor, supporting distributed workers that can run anywhere.

Debugging Tools

Debugging Tools

Package Managers

Using package managers in Meteor





Open source apps

  • VulcanJS1k 207 - A toolkit to quickly build apps with React, GraphQL & Meteor
  • Microscope1k 847 - The Discover Meteor book's example app
  • Wekan9k 2k - Open source Trello-like kanban
  • Reaction Commerce7k 2k - Open source Commerce platform developed with Meteor
  • Crowducate Platform105 57 - Open source education platform Powered by meteor
  • Orion CMS

Front End Frameworks

Alternative Front End Frameworks to Blaze

  • Blaze

  • React - Working with React and Meteor

  • Angular3k 755 - Working with Angular and Meteor

  • Angular 2298 110 - Working with Angular 2 and Meteor

  • Famo.us393 46 - and Meteor

  • Vue265 23 - Working with Vue and Meteor (plus single-file components & apollo support)

  • frozeman:build-client241 41 - A tool to bundle the client part of a Meteor app.

  • Asteroid744 97 - An alternative client for a Meteor backend

  • ddp.js185 26 - Isomorphic JavaScript DDP client

Alternative Databases

**Alternative Databases for MongoDB


Where to discover new Meteor things.









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