Awesome GNOME Awesome

A curated list of awesome apps, extensions, modules, themes and tools for the GNOME Desktop Environment.

GNOME is a desktop environment for Linux and Unixes, designed to put the user in control and get things done. It uses GTK for its applications and Clutter and JavaScript for its official desktop shell.

Items marked with GNOME Core are applications officially maintained and distributed by the GNOME Project as part of the core set of applications and tools.






  • NFO Viewer40 9 - Simple viewer for NFO files, beating text editors with preset font and encoding settings and clickable hyperlink support.
  • Paperwork180 32 - Personal document manager for scanned documents and PDFs.
  • Easy Ebook Viewer207 22 - Modern GTK Python app to easily read ePub files.
  • Bookworm119 15 - Simple, focused eBook reader that looks good in GNOME.
  • Showdown16 10 - Simple markdown viewer.


  • Webmusic3 1 - Web-based music player that integrates your favorite music services into the desktop.
  • Nuvola Player - Runtime for web-based music streaming services providing a more native user experience and integration with Linux desktop environments.
  • Vocal57 21 - Powerful, beautiful, and simple podcast client for the modern free desktop.
  • GNOME MPV174 46 - GUI for the MPV media player for GNOME.
  • Lollypop - Beautiful music application.
  • GRadio238 50 - Client for web-based radio.
  • Parlatype - Audio player specialized for transcription.
  • Pulseeffect393 41 - Provides limiter, compressor, reverberation, equalizer and auto volume effects for PulseAudio applications.
  • Curlew - Multimedia converter for Linux
  • Cozy83 11 - Audiobook player for Linux


  • Coulr18 3 - Convert between RGB and hexadecimal codes for colours.
  • GColor 3 - GTK3 color picker for GNOME.
  • GThumb - Powerful and advanced application to manage your photos and images in GNOME.


  • GNOME Games - Game launcher and an emulation frontend to libretro.


  • GNOME Tweak Tool - Official tweak tool provided by the GNOME project for tweaking your desktop.
  • GNOME AppFolders Manager - Tool to manage the applications folder in the application overlay of GNOME.
  • Menulibre - Manage your applications categories if you use a traditional application menu like Arc or the Application Menu.
  • HydraPaper21 2 - Set a different backgrounds for each monitor on GNOME


  • Catfish - Search application, created for XFCE but follows the GNOME HIG.
  • Tilix1k 114 - Tiling terminal emulator for GNOME.
  • GPaste213 39 - Clipboard manager for GNOME (composed of an applicaiton and an extension).
  • Peek2k 96 - Simple screen recorder that saves your recording as a GIF.



GTK Modules and Systems

  • Plotinus424 9 - Command palette for GTK3 Applications.



  • Application Menu - Category-based menu for applications.
  • Places Indicator - Menu that provides fast access to your folders.
  • Arc Menu136 43 - Windows7-like application menu inspired by the one in Zorin OS.


Status Area


  • Window Corner Preview - Create and anchor preview of a window to a corener of the screen.
  • Cascade Windows - Quickly arrange windows in a cascade.
  • No Title Bar - Merges the activity bar and the title bar of maximized windows.
  • gTile76 27 - Brings more advanced tiling to GNOME Shell.
  • Shellshape - Tiling window extension for GNOME Shell.

Docks and Panels

  • Dash-to-Dock - Transforms the GNOME Dash into a fully-featured dock.
  • Workspace-to-Dock - Modern dock that fuses the functionalities of workspaces and docks.
  • Dash-to-Panel - Modern taskbar/panel not unlike the ones on Windows 7+ and KDE.

Services integration


  • Oomox402 36 - Generates different color variations of Numix theme (GTK2, GTK3), Gnome-Colors and Archdroid icons.


  • Minwaita58 5 - Compact fork of Adwaita. (GTK, Shell)
  • Adwaita Tweaks41 6 - Compact version of Adwaita, more faithful than minwaita but less compact. (GTK, Shell)


  • Materia293 25 - Material Design-like theme for GNOME/GTK+ based desktop environments. (GTK, Shell)
  • Adapta2k 181 - Adaptive GTK+ theme based on Material Design Guidelines. (GTK, Shell)
  • Vimix256 33 - A flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell.


  • Arc3k 176 - Flat theme with transparent elements. (GTK, Shell)
  • Pop130 17 - Official theme of Pop!_OS by System76, using a two-color blue and orange scheme. (GTK, Shell)
  • United251 24 - Unity8-inspired theme for GNOME. (GTK, Shell)
  • Numix322 79 - Popular flat semi-dark theme with an orange touch. (GTK)
  • Zukitre457 71 - Flat grey theme, part of the zuki-theme suite. (GTK, works with Zuki-Shell for the shell theme)


  • Greybird283 100 - Official Xubuntu theme. (GTK)
  • Vertex388 36 - Metallic theme created by horst3180, the creator of Arc. (GTK, Shell)
  • GNOME OSX24 2 - Theme that mimics the look and feel of macOS. (GTK, Shell)
  • Zukitwo457 71 - Skeumorphic grey theme, part of the zuki-theme suite. (GTK, works with Zuki-Shell for the shell theme).


Material Icons

  • Paper - Material icon theme.
  • Papirus1k 136 - Material icon theme, initially based on Paper.
  • Pop!7 1 - Official icon theme of Pop!_OS by System76, based on Papirus.

Flat Icons

  • La Capitaine465 61 - Icon inspired by macOS and Material Design guidelines.

Homogeneous Icons

  • Moka - Simple squared icon theme, loosely based on the Tango specification.
  • Obsidian63 17 - Continuation of the famous Faenza theme.
  • Numix Circle1k 369 - Flat rounded icon theme.
  • Numix Square92 10 - Flat square icon theme.


  • Elementary XFCE134 40 - Desktop-agnostic version of the icons of elementary OS.


  • ComixCursors - X11 mouse theme with a comics feeling. Available in six colors and three variants (regular, slim and opaque).
  • Bibata - Silm material-based cursor theme.
  • Capitaine Cursors89 8 - An x-cursor theme inspired by macOS and based on KDE Breeze. Designed to be paired with La Capitaine icons.


Developer Tools


Libraries and Utility

  • libdazzle - Companion library to GObject and Gtk+, providing various features that the creators wish were in the underlying library but cannot add for various reasons.


  • Hello32 14 - Set of Hello World examples for GNOME in different languages.