Awesome Dev Fun Awesome

A curated list of fun libs/packages/languages that have no real purpose but to make a developer chuckle.

For now this is a really short list, so please contribute. Read the guide and make a pull request or just ping me on Twitter @mislavcimpersak with some funny stuff.



  • Stevie Wonder Simulator - Feel for a moment as the great Stevie Wonder with this simulator for Android.
  • Mindf@*k Keyboard3 2 - Terrible terrible soft-keyboard that randomises keys on every press.
  • holdr4 0 - Solves the problem of knowing when you're holding your phone.


  • OOP115 7 - OOP in Elixir!


  • hackertyper - "Hack" like a programmer in movies and games!


  • ComcastifyJS1k 43 - Sometimes images just load too damned fast.
  • Elevator.js78 13 - Finally, a "back to top" button that behaves like a real elevator.
  • Echochamber.js4k 126 - Commenting without the comments - providing a single-sided user comments just stored in local storage.
  • Fapfap.js - Handcrafted JavaScript framework for DIY enthusiasts.
  • FuckitJS2k 56 - JavaScript Error Steamroller.
  • Autocomplete from Stack Overflow - Autocomplete your JS from Stack Overflow.
  • Object.toSting() - Logs an image of Sting to the development console.
  • Sarcasm37 3 - Sarcasm is easy-as-pie, batteries-included, non-opinionated, simple-to-get-started, lightweight, reliable, convenient, dead simple, user friendly, super-sonic, hipercharged, kick-ass JavaScript library on steroids.
  • Batonnet.js - Universal, intercultural and user-friendly way to display numbers.
  • HTML9 Responsive Boilerstrap JS - H9RBS.js (v0.0001) is a flexible, dependency-free, lightweight, device-agnostic, modular, baked-in, component framework MVC library shoelacestrap to help you kickstart your responsive CSS-based app architecture backbone kitchensink tweetybirds.
  • vapor.js733 189 - The World's Smallest & Fastest JavaScript Library.
  • fattest-cat599 47 - Script to find fattest cat currently up for adoption at SF SPCA.
  • fartscroll.js2k 239 - Everyone farts. And now your web pages can too.
  • Groot Ipsum - Generates random texts containing "I am Groot".
  • cannot-even - A module that refuses to even.


  • Phpunit VW2k 67 - VW makes failing test cases succeed in continuous integration tools.


  • PyTest-VW100 6 - VW makes failing test cases succeed in continuous integration tools.
  • left-pad - Python's solution to infamous npm problem.


Esoteric languages

  • ArnoldC3k 168 - Arnold Schwarzenegger based programming language.
  • TrumpScript6k 461 - Make Python great again.
  • Vigil932 24 - Vigil, the eternal morally vigilant programming language.
  • Spooky96 2 - The Programming Language of Fear 🌚.


Browser extensions

  • Cloud to butt871 390 - Chrome extension that replaces occurrences of 'the cloud' with 'my butt'.
  • Outcognito Mode - Incognito Mode for extroverts.
  • NonAd Block - Blocks any content that is not an ad.
  • Youtube Notch Mode - Youtube Notch Mode is a chrome extension that adds the ugly, black cut out seen at the top of the iPhone X to every Youtube video. Why? Because it's more beautiful.


  • Pong-command68 4 - Pong is Not Ping.
  • Alice - Alice sings when you mistakenly type al.
  • cmprss - IrrvrsbleCmprssionForTxt.
  • lolcat2k 105 - Rainbows and unicorns!
  • evil.sh253 44 - Subtle and not-so-subtle shell tweaks that will slowly drive people insane.
  • lolcommits4k 286 - Git-based selfies for software developers.
  • sl334 67 - SL (Steam Locomotive) runs across your terminal when you type "sl" as you meant to type "ls".
  • genact2k 72 - 🌀 A nonsense activity generator for your shell.
  • fat - Expand your files.
  • No More Secrets3k 173 - A command line tool that recreates the famous data decryption effect seen in the 1992 movie Sneakers.
  • sudont - Grants superuser permission, then does nothing.
  • Sudo-Productivity - Boost your "productivity" to the max! A productivity suite made for slackers by slackers.


  • No Code - The best way to write secure and reliable applications. Write nothing; deploy nowhere.


  • Filefile40 7 - File to keep track of all the files you have in your repo that end in "file" eg. Filefile.
  • Xkcd Excuse - The easiest way to get your slacking excuse in hip xkcd format!
  • Shrugapillar.js4 1 - A library for generating shrugapillars.